Tran Ngoc Yen’s journey of conquering her fashion dream 


From a very young age, Tran Ngoc Yen has revealed a strong passion for art and fashion. She often takes part in her school and city’s artistic activities, always shining bright with a confident demeanor and radiant smile. Recognizing her potential and passion, her family spent a lot of time seeking a prestigious training environment for her. 


Tran Ngoc Yen takes pride in the remarkable achievements she has attained in her fashion career.

Entering the professional artistic path, Ngoc Yen encountered many difficulties. As an elementary school student, traveling far from home to participate in art and study activities is a big challenge for her. However, with burning passion and determination, the model was determined to overcome all challenges to pursue her dream. Every day, the girl strives to learn and hone her skills, turning difficulties into motivation to improve herself and bring impressive performances to the audience.


In an interview about the first steps on her journey to success, Ngoc Yen said: “The enthusiastic support from family, the encouragement of teachers and friends are a great source of motivation to help me become stronger and more resilient to move further and further on the artistic path. I know everyone has tried to create opportunities for me, so everyday I try to learn and hone my skills, turn difficulties into motivation to improve myself and bring the most impressive performances to the audience.”


The talented model conquering high-caliber stages


With a lovely, delicate face and attractive charisma, Ngoc Yen is always a “bright gem” that attracts the audience's eyes every time she appears. Every step of her catwalk shows her professionalism and burning passion for fashion. In each design, the model confidently takes on the challenges, giving the audience inspiring performances that both fully convey the designer's message and express the girl's style. 


Tran Ngoc Yen's radiant confidence attracts all eyes to the young model on the fashion stage.

With unremitting efforts, Ngoc Yen has reaped many impressive and outstanding achievements such as Second prize in the contest “Co diu hien sang tao, Be khoe dep tai nang” (Gentle and Creative Teacher, Healthy and Talented Student) at the district level, First prize in her school’s “Giai dieu tuoi hong” (Youth Melodies) contest, First prize in the school-level "MC Talent Search" contest and First prize in the district-level gifted students contest, etc. Up to now, Ngoc Yen has also successfully “scored” in the eyes of experts, trusted by many brands and designers to give performance opportunities such as the shows Phong vi Xuan xu Lang (Spring Taste of Lang Son), Dau an Viet Nam (Vietnam Imprint), Xuan xanh (Green Spring), Tinh hoa dat Rong (Essence of the Land of Dragons), Ton vinh ban sac Viet (Honoring Vietnamese identity), Vietnam Fashion Tour, Ambassador for the fashion show “XU SO UOC MO” (LAND OF DREAMS), etc. 


Ngoc Yen and the promising future journey


With talent and unremitting efforts, Ngoc Yen promises to achieve more success in the future. Not only does she shine on the catwalk, she also wants to learn more acting and MC skills to develop herself more comprehensively. Ngoc Yen hopes to become a talented artist, bringing the audience impressive performances and true artistic values.


Unwavering support from her family serves as a significant motivation helping Tran Ngoc Yen shine on stage and reach further in her fashion career.

Sharing about her daughter, Mrs. Lang Thi Thuy Trieu - Ngoc Yen’s mother - shared: “Accompanying her in her pursuit of arts, I feel extremely stressed, when there were weeks that Ngoc Yen had to travel to Hanoi several times to participate in fashion weeks. Both commuting long distances and arranging her schedule for her to complete all her tasks while not impacting my health stress me out a little. However, seeing her performing so confidently on the stage and getting so highly appreciated by her teachers, my family and I also want to try our best to support her so she can shine the brightest.” 


With her own unremitting efforts along with her family’s full support, Tran Ngoc Yen - the sweet “fragrance” on the Vietnamese fashion stage promises to shine brighter and bring even more impressive performances to the audience in the future. Join MGI Magazine and continue to follow and support her on the journey to conquer her dreams!

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