VIJFW 2024 will be held at Thang Long Imperial Citadel Relics, one of the most important relics in Vietnam with massive architectural works built over many dynasties. In particular, the VIJFW 2024 stage at Thang Long Imperial Citadel will become the stage for Asia's largest junior fashion week.


VIJFW 2024 is expected to attract great public attention as it gradually asserts its position and creates a strong boom on domestic and international media platforms with impressive numbers such as hashtags on TikTok. reached 10,000,000 times, fan page reached 200,000 followers, 5,000 posts, 50,000,000 people knew about the program…

The model faces that designers "choose for gold" have gradually been revealed and the child model that designers are paying attention to is none other than little girl Le Quynh Anh.

Le Quynh Anh (9 years old) is studying and living in Hanoi. The girl's nickname is Mary Quynh Anh. From a young age, she demonstrated her natural talent in the modeling field through television shows.

It was her love and passion that stimulated her abilities. When she was only three or four years old, she could walk and perform like a professional child supermodel. With her talent and strength, Quynh Anh was supported by her family to pursue an artistic path.Sharing about her journey of pursuing art from an early age, Quynh Anh choked up and confided: "My mother is the one who inspired me to follow the path of art, my mother always created conditions and always supported me to overcome it." past my comfort zone".

Like many other parents, mothers are always the support for their children's daily efforts and the motivation for their children to grow up. “During my career, at first I was very shy, did not believe in myself and did not dare to stand in front of a crowd because I had never attended school. But I overcame it by participating in shows and being praised by everyone, and most of all, my mother was always by my side. That gradually makes me more confident and love modeling even more," Quynh Anh confessed.

Being progressive and constantly learning, daring to go beyond her comfort zone, Quynh Anh achieved certain achievements at a young age when she received a VTC Television certificate and many shows. by famous designers.

Besides her love and passion for modeling, she also has a talent for acting and playing the piano, jumping and dancing. Sharing about her future plans, Quynh Anh did not hesitate to talk about her dream of becoming a professional model and actress.

Let's wait for the appearance and support for little Mery Quynh Anh at the VIJFW 2024 Announcement Ceremony taking place on December 31, 2023 in Hanoi.