Maria Alejandra López Pérez is 1.76 meters in height and  90-64-95 in three-round measurement. Being the Miss Grand Colombia 2023 winner means she will represent Colombia in Miss Grand International 2023 stage, which will be held in Vietnam in upcoming October. In addition, Yuri Rey won the 1st Runner-up title while the 2nd Runner-up belonged to Valentina Cárdenas. 

Maria Alejandra López Pérez used to win the title Miss World Colombia 2025 and was the 1st Runner Up at Miss Universe Colombia 2021 (Photo: Miss Grand Colombia).
Top 3 Miss Grand Colombia 2023 (Photo: Miss Grand Colombia).

Maria Alejandra López has had 10 years of experience in various beauty pageants. That’s why she is expected to achieve the highest title in this year’s Miss Grand Colombia. 

Miss Grand International 2023 Isabella Menin and Miss Grand Colombia 2023 Maria Alejandra López Pérez (Photo: Miss Grand Colombia 2023)

Maria Alejandra López Pérez joined Colombian beauty pageant for the first time in 2013 and continued enriching her experience via other contests during the following years. In 2015, López won the Miss World Colombia 2015 title and represented her country to attend Miss World 2015 hosted by China. In 2021, she became the 1st Runner-up at Miss Universe Colombia 2021. With her prestigious awards and remarkable experiences, the Miss Grand Colombia 2023 beauty is expected to achieve the honorary title in this year’s Miss Grand International contest. 

Maria Alejandra López Pérez at Miss Universe Colombia 2021 (Photo: Maria Alejandra López Peréz) 

Miss Grand International is a beauty pageant franchise based in Thailand. It consists of the annual national pageant Miss Grand Thailand, as well as the international competition Miss Grand International, to which participating rights are licensed to organizers in other countries.


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