Phuong Thuy - A princess from the land of “geomancy and noble people”


Just like many other young girls, Phuong Thuy's passion for art was evident in her everyday activities. The 14-year-old model expressed her fascination and excitement for watching children's art programs, and she also actively participated in cultural and artistic movements at school and in the town of Thai Hoa, Nghe An province. Phuong Thuy's passion for art blossomed and was nurtured naturally in this way. Later, as she grew up, Phuong Thuy was exposed to a wider range of information on social media, which helped shape and direct her dreams. The young model shared that through videos, she was impressed by the confidence, poise, and talent of two famous supermodels, Vo Hoang Yen and Minh Tu. From there, she began to develop a passion for and dream of becoming a professional fashion model.


Phuong Thuy, a 14-year-old model from Thai Hoa, Nghe An, has shown a passion for the arts from a young age, participating in cultural and artistic activities at school.


Phuong Thuy: A 14-year-old prodigy with a passion for art


Standing tall at 1.57 meters and blessed with an adorable face, Phuong Thuy is a true embodiment of artistic versatility, including modern dance, swimming, modeling, MCing, and singing. Thuy's foray into the world of fashion began in 2020. In 2021, she secured the second-place position in the Thai Hoa Talent Show for Children with a modern dance performance. In 2022, she was the champion amidst a sea of talented contestants at a junior modeling competition held in Vinh City. Thuy's opportunities in the fashion industry continue to expand. Her selection as the brand ambassador for the Doll show 2 artistic fashion event in Ho Chi Minh City by the designer Phuong Ho serves as a testament to her remarkable potential. As the event's representative, Thuy gracefully showcased four distinct collections – Bup be (Doll), Dong (Winter), Noel, and Super Star – effortlessly adapting to each unique style. Her performance of “Baby One More Time” alongside a dance troupe, complete with intricate choreography. Beyond her fashion endeavors, Thuy holds a deep-rooted passion for dance. She finds dancing not only enhances her physical agility but also boosts her confidence on stage.


She began her modeling journey in 2020 and quickly gained recognition, winning second place in the Thai Hoa Talent Show for Children in 2021 and a junior modeling competition in Vinh City in 2022. 


Balancing artistic pursuits and academic excellence: the story of “an elite”


Tran Phuong Thuy diligently pursued her artistic passions while not neglecting her academic responsibilities. This remarkable young girl from Nghia Thuan Secondary School, Thai Hoa Town, Nghe An Province, Vietnam, has consistently excelled in her studies, maintaining a record of academic achievements. Her dedication to education is evident in her active involvement in the school's Student Union leadership team. In her free time,  she likes watching movies and traveling with family to discover new horizons. To hone her performance skills, she actively participates in professional training classes and rigorous artistic programs. Her mother, Mrs. Que Anh always accompanies her child in exploring inspirational videos of beauty queens, supermodels, and fashion models on YouTube, seeking experience. “I want to expose my daughter to a variety of experiences so that she can discover her true interests and passions,” Ms. Que Anh shared. “This will help guide her in choosing a long-term career path that aligns with her strengths and aspirations.”


She is involved in her school's Student Union leadership team and actively participates in professional training classes.


With her confident demeanor and professional stage presence, Phuong Thuy is sure to shine at Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024. Beyond “Phuc suc duong thi”, this year's Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week will showcase a gathering of local and international designers, featuring groundbreaking collections that will leave an indelible mark on Vietnamese children's fashion on the world stage. Stay tuned to MGI Magazine for the latest updates on Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024!


Phuong Thuy is set to shine at the Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024, which will feature local and international designers and groundbreaking collections.

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