Bao Tien and her passion inspired by Miss Grand International 2021


Born and raised in the “city of flamboyant flowers” Hai Phong, Bao Tien has shown a passion for the arts from a young age with interests in drawing, singing, dancing and especially fashion performance. Bao Tien's passion was inspired by the journey of Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien herself - Miss Grand International 2021. The little girl expressed admiration for the beauty queen's talent, strength and poise, hoping that one day she too can shine as successfully.


Bao Tien, a young girl from Hai Phong, developed a passion for the arts early on, including drawing, singing, dancing, and especially fashion performance.


Discussing their daughter's fateful encounter with the runway, Bao Tien's parents said: “Bao Tien is an energetic child with good artistic abilities, so we have tried to provide opportunities for her to engage with the field in a comprehensive way. In 2021, when she watched Thuy Tien, she was excited and wanted to try modeling, so her parents searched for professional training courses for her to join. Seeing her growth through each lesson, the family is very proud - as long as she is passionate and enjoying what she does, we will support her all the way.”


The challenges of “first times” and the journey to build confidence   


Bao Tien began joining junior model clubs in early 2023. Her first runway experiences were walking shows at Guom Lake Promenade and around the area of the Ly Thai To statue during Hanoi Ao Dai Week 2023. Those initial catwalks left quite an impression and emotions on her. Before shows, she expressed nerves while constantly holding her mother's hand to calm down. Afterwards, through her own efforts, she completed the performances well, feeling very happy and proud of herself.


Bao Tien's dedication and love for fashion performance helped her improve her skills and make new friends among other junior models.


Since then, Bao Tien has been more actively seeking performance opportunities. Throughout 2023, the junior model participated in 4 major and minor runway shows. Throughout her journey of refinement and shining, Bao Tien also shared the challenges she faced. Being shy and lacking confidence initially when joining artistic activities, she understandably encountered difficulties. However, thanks to her spirit and love for fashion performance, she gradually overcame them. Participating in shows helped her become more confident and sociable, with opportunities to befriend other junior models. From her peers, she learned to improve her runway style. The model also expressed love for outfits specially created by designers. Seeing everyone's efforts behind each show, though she often had to move around outdoors for hours standing continuously, which was truly tiring, Bảo Tiên always strived to maintain her body, health and composure to complete performances as well as possible.


Despite her nerves, Bao Tien successfully completed her performances, gaining confidence with each show. 


Continuing her journey of shining at Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024


Coming to Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024 and walking the runway with a leading role in the “Phuc suc duong thi” collection, Bao Tien is expected to dazzle confidently and radiantly on the catwalk, fully conveying the message of the collection. With her talent, relentless efforts and passion, Bao Tien is anticipated to be one of Vietnam's budding fashion “stars” of the future. And along this journey, Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024 will certainly be a special milestone, helping her get closer to realizing her dreams of shining like Miss Grand International Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien.


In 2024, Bao Tien is set to play a leading role in the "Phuc suc duong thi" collection at Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week. 


Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024 takes place from June 01-04, 2024 in the culturally historic ambiance of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi, Vietnam. This is a landmark event for Vietnam's children's fashion on the global stage. With talented designers, distinctive collections and professional models gathering, Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024 is sure to deliver profound emotions to audiences. Let's look forward together to the shining of talented junior models as they convey fashion art's deep values!


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