Nguyen Phung Bao Anh and the unexpected “destiny” with the modeling career


Born and raised in the educational land of Nam Dinh, Bao Anh (born in 2016) is currently studying at Phuong Canh Primary School in Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi. Unlike her peers, Bao Anh has early on exhibited a strong passion for the arts and is steadily asserting her talent step by step. Sharing about the serendipity of entering the fashion stage, Bao Anh's mother said, “During the period from 2020 to 2023, our family enrolled Bao Anh in modeling classes, dance classes, and art classes. Initially, our family only wanted our little girl to develop soft skills, gain self-confidence, and have better posture and walking style. However, after a while, we were surprised to discover our child's intense passion for the arts. Bao Anh always eagerly participated in classes, even in bad weather or when facing difficulties with certain movements. She remained persistent in her training and never gave up. Recognizing our daughter's potential and passion, our family decided to support her in pursuing this path.” 


With family support, Bao Anh began showcasing her talents in 2023.


Bao Anh and the journey of exploring her own potential


With an intense passion for the arts and wholehearted support from her family, Bao Anh actively sought opportunities to showcase her talents. In 2023, she officially began her performing journey and participated in various programs organized by the SuperKids Club Center, as well as events held in shopping centers and local venues. Some notable performances include “The Rainbow” at Aeon Mall, “Sac Mau Que Huong” in Quoc Oai, and other events at Royal City, etc. In addition to her role as a fashion model, Bao Anh's talent extends to performing in K-pop dance events at Hanoi Book Street and participating in various small-scale cultural events in the local community. As a “multi-talented” young girl, Bao Anh also has a passion for painting. It is worth noting that she has achieved first place in several school art competitions. 


She participated in various events organized by SuperKids Club Center and local venues, including notable performances at Aeon Mall and Royal City.


When it comes to Bao Anh's future aspirations, her mother reveals, “In the coming years, our family envisions Bao Anh continuing to participate in modeling events organized by the center and other fashion shows. These opportunities will allow her to learn, network, and gain valuable experience. Additionally, we are considering enrolling her in fashion design classes to nurture her passion and provide her with a potential career path in the future.”


Continuing the journey of shining at Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024


Continuing the journey of conquering new heights in her career, Bao Anh promises to ignite the stage at Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024 as the Vedette of the collection “Phuc suc duong thi”. This marks a significant milestone in Bao Anh's growth and remarkable progress on the catwalk. With her experience, confidence, and unwavering passion for the arts, Bao Anh is trusted to excel in her role as the Vedette, delivering mesmerizing and emotionally charged performances that will captivate the audience.


Bao Anh will feature as the Vedette of the "Phuc suc duong thi" collection at the Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024, marking a significant milestone in her modeling career.


The heat of Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024 is intensifying with the participation of numerous domestic and international designers and models. Alongside the “Phuc suc duong thi” collection, the event will showcase a variety of outstanding collections, undoubtedly bringing a roller coaster of emotions to the audience. Stay tuned to MGI Magazine for the latest updates on the collections and talented model profiles!


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