At 28, Estefanía Ibarra had her first major transformation in Paceña, becoming Miss Supranational Bolivia.


First transformations in the life of Estefanía Ibarra


At the age of 28, Estefanía Ibarra had her first transformation in Paceña and the beauty was crowned Miss Supranational Bolivia. Despite all the objections of the culture and rejection from everyone, Ibarra was authorized and distinguished at Miss Supranational 2024. Not only beautiful, Estefanía Ibarra is also appreciated for her intelligence and poise. measured, mature. The way the Bolivian beauty handled situations in the competitions was highly appreciated for her ingenuity and reasonableness. With her attractive beauty and intelligence, Estefanía Ibarra successfully captured the hearts of Bolivian audiences in particular and global audiences in general. 


Despite cultural objections and rejection, she was recognized at Miss Supranational 2024 for her beauty, intelligence, and poise. 


Favorable start for the finale 


Estefanía Ibarra has long harbored a passion for conquering the colorful and promising world of beauty. Not letting anything stop her, that beauty dared to step out of her comfort zone to participate in beauty contests, creating opportunities for herself to get closer to the passion she always dreamed of. Recently, the beautiful Estefanía Ibarra just won the Miss Supranational 2024 America's Top Model award. This victory is considered an extremely favorable start to help the Bolivian beauty become more confident about herself to perform at her best at the finale night taking place on July 7. 


Her handling of competition situations was praised for its ingenuity and reasonableness, capturing the hearts of both Bolivian and global audiences.


“The precious gem” of Miss Supranational 2024


The final night of Miss Supranational 2024 will take place on July 7 and promises to have many explosions worth watching. All the efforts and efforts of the beautiful Estefanía Ibarra were initially rewarded with victory in the additional competition. In front of prestigious names, where beautiful and talented models from around the globe gather, “precious gem” Estefanía Ibarra will definitely be more confident in her abilities and explode in the finale night. The Bolivian beauty is considered a bright “gem”, a “mysterious” element that still has untapped beauty. Therefore, the performance on July 7 will certainly have many things to look forward to. 


Driven by her passion for beauty pageants, Estefanía recently won the Miss Supranational 2024 America's Top Model award. 


What will Estefanía Ibarra show in the finale? Please watch the final night of Miss Supranational International 2024 on July 7 to see Estefanía Ibarra's performance! 


This victory boosted her confidence for the final competition on July 7, where she is seen as a "precious gem" with untapped potential. 

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