The final night of Hanoi Law University's Charming Female Student Contest “Charm of Law 2024” with the theme “Breaking the Cocoon” took place extremely successfully on the last Sunday evening of June with a very professional and vibrant atmosphere. Hall A403, where the coronation night was held, welcomed guests, sponsors, and most especially, the presence of the audience, creating a very special atmosphere for the contest. 


Distinguished guests taking souvenir photos with the organizers
The audience and relatives of the contestants taking photos before the finale


The journey of “breaking the cocoon and transforming” of the top 14 final girls was shown through performances of traditional costumes and evening gowns. After a period of work, with high expertise, the jury selected the owners of the additional prizes: Compassion, Intelligence, Talent, Traditional Attire, Evening Party along with the Top 7 contestants to compete in the interview round: Tran Vu Thuy Linh (No.030), Vu Lam Bao Ngoc (No.039), Nguyen Thi Phuong Linh (No.026), Doan Thuy Linh (No.007), Trieu Bich Ngoc (No.044), Trinh Thi Thu Quyen (No.013)


Top 7 Charm of Law 2024


With an extremely talented journey, convincing all the hearts of the judges as well as the audience, contestant Vu Lam Bao Ngoc (No.039) was crowned Winner of Charm of Law 2024.


Winner and Miss Intelligence of Charm of Law 2024


The runner-up positions of the contest also found two beautiful owners. The 1st runner-up belonged to contestant Tran Dieu Linh (No.007), while the 2nd runner-up of the contest was contestant Trieu Bich Ngoc (No.044).


1st runner-up Tran Dieu Linh
2nd runner-up Trieu Bich Ngoc
Top 3 Charm of Law 2024 with the Organizing Committee and judges


The Charm of Law 2024 journey has ended but the mission of the Top 3 Charm of Law 2024 has just begun. We hope that our girls will bring useful messages and actions to the community.


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