Vu Anh Ngoc - the muse with an intellectual beauty 


Born in 2005, Vu Anh Ngoc is currently a student of Vietnam Women’s Academy. Beautiful and talented are two words for Anh Ngoc because this girl not only has a sweet beauty but also has a series of extremely admirable achievements. Regarding studies, Anh Ngoc recently won the first semester’s education scholarship in Multimedia Communications at the Vietnamese Women’s Academy. Regarding activities, she is the former management board of SEAHORSE CREW Dance Club of Ly Thuong Kiet High School in Ho Chi Minh City; in addition, she is also a member of the Media committee in the same club. As a “multitasking” communications student, Anh Ngoc is passionate about creating content, loves taking photos and participating in event organization. In addition, this girl is extremely passionate about design and is currently a member of the Organizing Committee of the Design Team of Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024. With her sociability, enthusiasm and good working ability, Anh Ngoc promises to develop even more in the future.


Born in 2005, Vu Anh Ngoc is a student at the Vietnam Women’s Academy known for her beauty and talent.


Ngo Ngoc Anh - Dynamic and enthusiastic chick 


When talking about Ngoc Anh, dynamism and enthusiasm are definitely the most noticeable things about her. As a communications student at the Vietnamese Women’s Academy, Ngoc Anh has many talents to serve her field of study. This girl loves taking photos, capturing the most beautiful moments and is passionate about participating in event organization. Born in 2005, that girl always asserts herself every day and constantly strives on the journey to create the future. Ever since she was a high school student, Ngoc Anh has shown her dynamism by always participating enthusiastically in school and class activities, actively contributing ideas and plans. In addition, she once held a very important position in the high school environment, which was head of the Radio Department of the Media Club at Hoa Binh Latrobe High School, Hanoi. Dynamism and enthusiasm will definitely be the golden key to help Ngoc Anh develop even more.


Ngoc Anh, a communications student at the Vietnamese Women’s Academy born in 2005, is known for her dynamism and enthusiasm. 


Nguyen Tan Dat - the resilient boy on the journey of self-exploration 


Born in 2004 and currently a student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics, Tan Dat is an extremely hard-working guy with many impressive activities in his journey of self-discovery. As an outstanding Youth Union member, Tan Dat has had a number of achievements for himself, including being a member of the Youth Union Executive Committee - Faculty of Economics for the term 2024 - 2027, successfully completing the tasks of the Union work and the youth movements of Faculty of Economics for the term 2022 - 2024, Excellent achievements in Union - Association work and UEH University student movement in 2023. This is also an extremely good guy when it comes to studying because Dat received the education scholarship right from the first semester in 2023. Regarding movement activities, Tan Dat is the Head of Communications for the 2023 Economics Student volunteer campaign; Head of Communications 2024 Economic Event Commentary Series Contest Faculty of Economics; Head of communications for Economics Student Debate Competition - UEH DEBATE 2023; Vice head of Media in the Faculty of Economics Recruitment program - “Dopamine” along with a series of other positions of this guy at UEH. With his rich experience and expertise in many different fields, this will certainly be a solid foundation to create greater progress for Tan Dat.


Tan Dat is a diligent student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics with an impressive array of activities. 


Tran Khanh Van - the Finance student with high aspirations 


Khanh Van is an extremely talented girl and always challenges herself in many fields. That girl does not limit herself to any one area, on the contrary, she always creates opportunities for herself by participating in many activities, many competitions and standing in many different roles. Born in 2004 and currently a member of the Union Branch of the Faculty of Finance and Banking, Khanh Van has had many outstanding achievements in the work of the Youth Union - Students’ Association and other activities in 2023. In addition, she was also awarded Member of the Steering Committee of the Green Summer Team of the Faculty of Finance and Banking, awarded as an excellent student in 2023 of the University of Finance - Marketing. Not stopping there, Khanh Van also won the title of UFM Student Model 2023 and Student Model of the Association of Finance and Banking Faculty. This girl also tried her hand at MC and entered the Top 15 of The MC Race contest of the Publishing Club of Ho Chi Minh City University of Banking. Regarding volunteer activities, Khanh Van was among the extremely typical individuals in the Spring Volunteer Campaign of the Department of Finance and Banking. By constantly creating opportunities for herself, Khanh Van will certainly be even more successful in the future.


Khanh Van, born in 2004, is a talented and versatile student at the University of Finance - Marketing. 


Thai Nguyen Thanh Dat - the strong guy with a relentless journey of efforts


Thanh Dat - the guy whose name says it all, success is what this 2003-born guy always strives for. As a student at Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Dat is dedicated, enthusiastic and never stops on the journey of self-discovery and creating good things. Thanh Dat always tries his best every day and appreciates every opportunity that comes his way. As a responsible, strong and serious person in the working process, Thanh Dat was recognized for his ability and credibility to become the leader of MGI Magazine’s collaborator team. With his way of working, that guy is always praised and highly appreciated by the leader. His leadership ability and experience have helped him win the hearts of everyone, and his teamwork is extremely effective and of high quality. This is definitely a big stepping stone for Thanh Dat’s future development.


Thanh Dat's responsibility, strength, and seriousness in his work earned him the position of leader of MGI Magazine’s collaborator team.

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