Communication - Presentation is not only an important factor in the work environment but also becomes a “gold mine” to help individuals overcome life's challenges. At a personal development forum held in Ho Chi Minh City, experts emphasized the importance of non-verbal communication skills, especially the art of “reading” others and making a strong first impression.


In an effort to meet this need, VTALK Skills Academy was established with the goal of providing in-depth training courses on Voice Cultivation with “Beautiful Voice” and presentation communication skills with “VTALK SILVER”.


VTALK Skills Academy accompanies universities


“VTALK SILVER” - The key to opening the door to success in presentation communication


The “VTALK SILVER” course of VTALK Skills Academy not only focuses on training communication skills but also provides students with the secrets of "reading" others in a subtle way to help students develop presentation skills in a professional way. According to Ms. Vo Thi My Duyen, Training Director of VTALK Skills Academy, this course is designed for those who want to improve their effective communication skills, especially in situations where they meet and work with partners and customers from diverse languages and cultures.


“We focus on helping students develop the ability to recognize and accurately reflect non-verbal cues from others. This is a key factor in building professional relationships and success in the modern work environment,” Ms. My Duyen emphasized.


VTALK lecturer - Master Ly Tan Dat - Head of MC Board, Voice of Vietnam Radio VOV, HTV Television, National Assembly Television, Vĩnh Long Radio and Television


Not only stopping at learning how to “read” others, the “VTALK SILVER” course also helps students develop the skill of making a strong first impression. From proper etiquette to the ability to listen and respond flexibly, students are equipped with the necessary tools to confidently approach and interact with any subject in a natural and professional way.


“Beautiful Voice” - When Vietnamese people also need to learn pronunciation


In addition to “VTALK SILVER”, the “Beautiful Voice” course at VTALK is often chosen by many businesses and corporations for in-house training. This course focuses on improving and developing the voice of the students, thereby creating a stronger influence and impression in the work and social communication environment.


VTALK Skills Academy accompanies SILAB corporation


Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Huyen - VOV Giao thong Channel Reporter - MC, Voice of Vietnam Radio, a leading voice expert, lecturer at VTALK Skills Academy, shared: “Voice is an important factor determining the success of persuasion and communication ideas. Knowing how to adjust how to make a “Beautiful Voice” will help us improve intonation, tone, and also train presentation and expression skills in a confident and engaging way.”


VTALK Skills Academy Senior Lecturer - Master Nguyen Anh Toan at the direct training course at Tu Du Hospital on the topic of Office Communication Skills and Corporate Culture


Meeting the increasing demand for non-verbal communication skills


Mastering and applying non-verbal communication skills is becoming increasingly important for individuals and organizations in today's world, where cultural and linguistic diversity is growing. VTALK Skills Academy has affirmed its position with in-depth training programs such as “VTALK SILVER” and “Beautiful Voice”, helping students improve their communication skills.


VTALK lecturer - Master Ly Tan Dat shares about communication skills at the banquet


By applying these skills, we can be more confident in any communication situation, from business negotiations to public presentations. In particular, adjusting the voice and expressing in a professional way has helped score points in the eyes of partners and customers, while creating maximum prestige and trust.


Moreover, VTALK's mission is to train, train and develop comprehensive skills, thereby opening up new opportunities for students to explore and develop themselves. Through each course, VTALK not only equips itself with effective tools to overcome challenges but also makes a positive contribution to careers and the community.


Image of the classroom at VTALK Skills Academy
Image of the classroom at VTALK Skills Academy