Global Student Fashion Week - Launching pad for young talents


Global Student Fashion Week (GSFW) is the first fashion week in the world designated specifically for fashion institutes, taking students as the center. With the mission of constructing a new era for the global fashion industry, the first season of Global Student Fashion Week in 2025 will take place in 7 days, gathering 150 designers from 30 fashion schools worldwide. In addition, the event will have the participation of 999 beauty kings and queens as Global Ambassadors, 900 dancers, and over 6000 guests. Global Student Fashion Week 2025 promises to bring eye-catching and inspirational performances and stand among the top 10 most influential fashion weeks on the planet. 


Global Student Fashion Week (GSFW) is the first fashion week dedicated to fashion institutes and their students.


Not stopping there, Global Student Fashion Week also aims to establish a diverse and open network of connections including experts and businesses, to create conditions for maximum support for students, helping institutes improve the quality of the graduation process, as well as organize student graduation ceremonies. Accompanying the development journey of the student generation is Doctor, Designer, Violinist - Nguyen Quynh Nhu with many outstanding achievements.


Nguyen Quynh Nhu, a doctor, designer, and violinist with extensive fashion experience and numerous awards, will serve as a Senior Advisor. 


Nguyen Quynh Nhu accompanying the development journey of the young generation


Doctor, designer, violinist Nguyen Quynh Nhu possesses a remarkable wealth of experience in the fashion field. She is a famous fashion designer with the brand Quynh Paris. She owns many prestigious awards in the field of fashion and was honored as “Top 100 Vietnamese businessperson styles”. Her PhD and experiences certainly bring a unique and inspiring perspective to her young designers.


She is enthusiastic about GSFW's mission and aims to provide valuable guidance to young designers.


Sharing her feelings when accompanying Global Student Fashion Week as a Senior Advisor, Ms. Nguyen Quynh Nhu said: “I am extremely impressed with the mission and message that Global Student Fashion Week brings. This will definitely be a potential playground, a great source of motivation for young designers to assert themselves and reach out to the ocean. As a Senior Advisor, I hope my knowledge and experience will be valuable tools for young people to firmly step on the path of career development in the future.”


Doctor, designer, violinist Nguyen Quynh Nhu possesses a remarkable wealth of experience in the fashion field. 


Let creativity explode and passion be affirmed with GSFW


Global Student Fashion Week promises to be a fashion event that explodes creativity and affirms the passion for talented young designers around the world. With the presence of Doctor, Designer, Violinist Quynh Nhu, GSFW will definitely give young designers a great opportunity to hone their knowledge, reveal their potential and affirm their position on the international fashion map.


GSFW is set to be a platform for young designers to showcase their creativity, gain knowledge, and establish themselves in the international fashion industry.


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