C:EHKO, the professional hair cosmetics brand of Gebr. Ewald Limited Liability Company from Germany officially joins Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2023.

C:EHKO brand logo (Image: C:EHKO).

With over 80 years of experience in manufacturing hair care products for both men and women, C:EHKO distributes its products to over 30 countries worldwide. The cosmetics brand offers a diverse range of hair products, including hair dyes, hair treatments, and styling creams for curling or straightening hair.

C:EHKO's hair straightening cream product (Image: C:EHKO).

Notably, the premium hair cosmetics brand also operates over 5,000 hair salons in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, which are managed by professional hair stylists. Some notable products from C:EHKO include the Prof.C:EHKO line of high-end hair care products inspired by the secret hair care of Queen Cleopatra, and the C:EHKO STYLE range, which enhances hair strength and vitality.

Since its launch in the Vietnamese market in March 2011, C:EHKO has brought its products to consumers across Vietnam. With the desire to elevate the Vietnamese hair industry to the level of renowned names in the global hair industry, Ms. Hoang Bich Tam (CEO of C:EHKO Vietnam) has not only consistently improved the quality of the products but also regularly organizes training sessions, both short-term and long-term, on hair beauty techniques and hair care.

Specifically, in 2022, Ms. Hoang Bich Tam organized the "C:EHKO Hairshow 2022 Endless Inspiration" competition, aimed at hair stylists who could freely unleash their creativity and showcase their ideas.

Ms. Hoang Bich Tam, CEO of C:EHKO Vietnam (Image: Bich Tam)

Thanks to their efforts in bringing quality products to consumers and organizing beneficial platforms for hair stylists, C:EHKO Vietnam has established itself as a reliable companion for hair stylists and hair fashion enthusiasts throughout the years. 

With the participation of this leading hair cosmetics brand from Germany, the Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2023 promises to deliver exceptional fashion experiences with unique hair collections from C:EHKO.

Here are some collections previously launched by C:EHKO

"Back to the Future" collection

“Sun Kiss” collection

The "Curly Collection" by hairstylist Trung Tran.

The Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week, with the theme "Fashion and Cultural Promotion Journey," will take place on August 5th and 6th at the Hanoi Museum in Hanoi, Vietnam. The event has attracted the participation of 400 domestic and international models, along with the presence of numerous fashion brands from countries such as Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and more.


Jue Dinh