Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam, hailing from Binh Long Specialized High School and being one of the first batches of students in the Specialized Mathematics program, is currently the Chairman of NGROUP Corporation and the Founder of VTALK Skills Academy. He is an expert who regularly shares about Entrepreneurship in various newspapers, radio stations, and at numerous top universities in Vietnam.


Expert Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam (in black attire) as one of the judges in the final round of an Entrepreneurship competition at Ho Chi Minh City Law University.


Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam, an expert who regularly shares about Entrepreneurship at top universities in Vietnam


Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam, in his capacity as a guest speaker (trainer), judge, and advisor, is well-known for sharing about Entrepreneurship in various media outlets such as VOH, HTV9, BPTV, Cafebiz, “Doanh nghiep tiep thi,” “Nhip song kinh te,” “To quoc,” “Bao dien dan doanh nghiep,” “Tap chi Van Hien,” “Bao Thi Truong Giao Dich,” and in numerous programs organized by the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, the Vietnam Youth Federation, and the Provincial Military Command. He has contributed his expertise to several Entrepreneurship competitions at leading universities including the National Economics University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Economics and Business, Ho Chi Minh University of Education, Foreign Trade University, the Industrial University, and the Academy of Finance, etc.


Drawing from his practical experience and expertise in International Business Administration with a Master's degree, Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam offers profound insights and valuable lessons in the field of business and entrepreneurship. According to him, most entrepreneurial activities for students nowadays revolve around competitions, where the primary focus lies in presenting ideas at various stages to win the first prize. However, Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam believes that there is often a lack of “genuine” passion and commitment to create and build something truly impactful that addresses a specific societal problem.


Expert Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam, as a judge, took part in the evaluation process at the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City


Having started as a contestant in an entrepreneurship competition during his student days with seven projects, Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam now owns an educational ecosystem, with VTALK Skills Academy being its focal point. His business has achieved recognition by being ranked among the Top 20 National Startup Projects by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), with five branches in Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks to his journeys and accomplishments, coupled with his dedication, Mr. Nam always expects that student entrepreneurial ideas will be continued, supported, and refined for practical business implementation. It is worth noting that the projects advised by Mr. Nam often excel and achieve top rankings in startup competitions.


During the recent "2024 DGU + MEKONGLINK Global Startup Meetup in Vietnam" event, Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam - the Founder of VTALK Skills Academy, provided feedback, shared insights, and offered comments on startup projects focusing on AI applications in education, healthcare, and lifestyle from universities in South Korea.


Aspire to reshape the Skills education market in Vietnam


According to Mr. Nam, skills education should be practical rather than purely theoretical. An exemplary skills education institution should empower learners to apply what they have learned in real-life situations. It should equip students with the ability to utilize their skills even if they have forgotten the specific knowledge acquired in the classroom.


Over the past decade, the skills education market in Vietnam has remained “stagnant,” lacking significant growth or specific highlights. There has been no strong development comparable to the current English language centers. Mr. Nam believes that the main reason for this is the lack of clear and specific concepts, guidelines, and pathways, as well as the absence of standardized outcomes for clearly defined skills. Most skills education companies operate independently, with a strong focus on individual interests, leading to a chaotic development of skill value.


At VOH Radio, Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam shared about his VTALK Skills Academy.


Due to these reasons, Mr. Nam founded VTALK Skills Academy, an educational ecosystem specializing in communication and presentation skills training. It offers the most comprehensive and in-depth curriculum in Vietnam. Rather than spreading resources across various unnecessary skill groups, VTALK focuses solely on its core strength, which is Communication and Presentation Skills. According to Mr. Nam, communication and presentation skills are fundamental and serve as the foundation for over 90% of other skills.


Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam also affirms, “Presentation is not just standing on a stage and delivering a speech. Presentation is the ability to explain complex concepts in plain language, to persuade others to change their entrenched beliefs, and it is the art of communication in any situation. Presentation is the spoken word in our daily lives.”


“Returning” does not imply “remaining”


Being a passionate individual who always seeks to contribute to his homeland, Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam believes that “remaining” is not the sole path to “returning”. Through his relationships and diplomatic connections, he frequently invites influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to accompany him in supporting Binh Phuoc province.


Coming from Binh Long Specialized High School (CBL) and being one of the first cohorts of specialized mathematics students (Batch 2), Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam has always had the aspiration to bring goodness and beauty to the young generation of Binh Phuoc. He achieves this by organizing numerous non-profit activities that contribute to the development of skills and promote tourism in his home province persistently over the years.


The fundraising project “Cả Một Trời Yêu” curated by Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam has become a bestselling book (weekly) on Tiki.


It is known that since his first year as a university student, Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam gathered a group of students and teachers from CBL to contribute to the book “Cả Một Trời Yêu,” where he served as the chief editor and published by Văn Học Publishing House. The book quickly became a bestseller on Tiki's weekly chart and received recognition and praise from the Central Youth Union in 2018. What's remarkable is that all profits from book sales were generously donated by Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam and the authors to students in difficult circumstances through the “Cả Một Trời Yêu” Scholarship Fund.


With concerns about education and his experience in skill development, particularly in communication and presentation skills, Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam has invited numerous experts and top speakers to share their knowledge at various schools in Binh Phuoc province. One notable example is the topic "Building Behavioral Culture in Schools" at An Loc Middle School in Binh Long town and Minh Lap Middle School in Chon Thanh town, where the professional “Ao dai” speaker  Vo Thi My Duyen shared her insights with over 50,000 people. Another example is the Crisis Management Seminar at Binh Long Specialized High School, led by KOL Dr. Dao Le Hoa An, a psychology expert who frequently appears on VTV3, VTV9, HTV7, HTV9 television channels and serves as a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Psychological Association, etc. 


Not only connecting with famous KOLs, but Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam also collaborates with several TikTokers. For instance, he engaged with TikToker Ocean English, who has over 1.2 million followers, to share insights at the “HUIT Startup Tour 2023 and Diễn đàn Khởi nghiệp Đổi mới sáng tạo tại Bình Phước” in Binh Phuoc. He also collaborated with TikToker “Gen Z Day Van” with nearly 500K followers for the program “Tư vấn học nghề, thông tin thị trường lao động cho HSQ, CS chuẩn bị xuất ngũ năm 2024,” organized by the Provincial Military Command in coordination with the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs and the Investment, Trade, and Tourism Promotion Center. Additionally, Mr. Nam invited the TikTok couple “Mét 9 Mét 5” with nearly 100K followers to promote tourism in Suoi Giai Lake, Dong Phu District, covering all expenses for their visit.


Despite always being passionate and creative in various endeavors, from entrepreneurial stories to skill development, Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam believes that he is merely focusing on dedicating himself and giving his all to each opportunity and moment. We hold the hope that the admirable actions and genuine passion of Mr. Mai Nguyen Hoang Nam will continue to resonate and bear even sweeter fruits in the future.