Philippine Pride Fashion Week - A playground of colors and creativity

With the talented and enthusiastic leadership of founder and Chairman Don Cristobal, Philippine Pride Fashion Week 2024 has officially come back, promising to be one of the most explosive fashion stages in the Philippines. Although it has just been introduced and put into operation, Philippine Pride Fashion Week has been considered a professional stage, attracting a lot of attention from fashion enthusiasts and experts in the field, and fashion-oriented individuals with a desire to discover new talent. This is also considered one of the world-class playgrounds, providing many opportunities for models and designers to freely express their personal identities and make special marks on the high-class fashion catwalks.


Philippine Pride Fashion Week 2024 - Humane messages

Not only stopping at formal investment, Mr. Don Cristobal also brought the most humane messages to the stage of Philippine Pride Fashion Week 2024. It is about welcoming the participation of everyone regardless of age, gender, color, religion and experience. He wants the models at this playground to honor pride, solidarity, equality and diversity. Mr. Don Cristobal hopes that the Philippine Pride Fashion Week stage will become one of the important platforms for the connection and exchange of organizations, brands and designers. He also called for the companionship of partners and sponsors so that they have the opportunity to promote their personal brands while contributing and supporting the community.


The explosion of Philippine Pride Fashion Week 2024

With the belief "The power of fashion to make a difference", the stage of Philippine Pride Fashion Week 2024 is increasingly "heating up" with applications from many countries around the world. Let's watch the explosion of identities and creativity at this special stage in the "paradise on earth" Philippines in June 2024!

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