Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024 is held within 4 days: 02 opening days for VIJFW 2024 are fashion shows from designers. Next is the "Hanoi City Tour" activity and photo shoots for the collections at prominent locations in Vietnam on day 3. Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week ends with volunteer activities in Vietnam. Vietnam Friendship Village and workshop exclusively for 1,000 young people passionate about fashion at universities.


Constantly striving to be creative, Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week is proud to be the first Fashion Week in the world to have a representative Mascot. The mascot will be skillfully crafted into souvenirs with special materials taken from the "Vải vụn" project - a project that recycles excess sewing materials and old clothes, contributing to environmental protection. Souvenirs are not only sent to international guests and friends as a thank you, but are also sold to raise funds for charity.

Not only that, Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week also boasts image representatives, child supermodels who spread the messages that the program wants to send to the public. Child marshal Trinh Hoang Minh is a new unknown who promises to bring much success to the show.

Trinh Hoang Minh (5 years old) was born in Japan and grew up in Hanoi, impressing everyone with his handsome face, confident demeanor, and "handsome" qualities. When he was just 3 years old, Hoang Minh showed a special interest in fashion. The boy attentively watched the dance performances and fashion shows and posed very cutely in front of the camera.

With talent and passion for fashion from an early age, the overseas Vietnamese boy always strives to contribute and bring his country's fashion to the international level. When Hoang Minh's parents realized their son's love for fashion, they were extremely supportive and created all conditions for their son to have a colorful childhood. Hoang Minh is currently studying at Vietnam Star Academy with designer and director Le Tran Dac Ngoc. With his immense charisma and stage prowess, the overseas Vietnamese boy has quickly made a name for himself recently.

Ms. Dao Thi Thoan (Hoang Minh's mother) shared: "The family is very happy to see that her child has a passion for modeling. My family always supports me and is by my side so I can satisfy my passion for fashion. I hope I will always try my best to not disappoint my grandparents and parents."

In addition to spending time on her work, Ms. Thoan always devotes all her time to helping Hoang Minh have more opportunities to learn, experience and gain more knowledge in the field of child modeling. .

Recently, child model Trinh Hoang Minh officially appeared at VIJFW 2023 and received the model of the year award. The event marked Hoang Minh's maturity steps on the path to becoming a professional supermodel.

The 5-year-old boy is expected to be a prominent face in the future of Vietnamese fashion and bring a new breeze at Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024.