The evening of June 23 was an unforgettable night not only for the Top 14 contestants of Charm of Law 2024 but also for each jury and each participating audience because of the diligence and explosiveness that came from each performance of the Talent Round. 


To make the program successful is the careful preparation and hard practice of each girl. Before the competition round took place, the Top 14 spent a lot of effort preparing and editing to perfect every smallest detail so that their competition could take place completely.


The contestant’s rehearsal session before the Talent Round


The opening ceremony for the Talent Night was the graceful and graceful Ao Dai performance of the contestants. In traditional costumes, each girl confidently expressed her gentleness. This is also the spirit of honoring the beauty and national culture that the program wants to bring.


The contestants’ graceful Ao Dai performance
Charm of Law 2024 contestants looking charming in ao dai


With the spirit of “honoring the beauty and bravery of jurisprudence” of Charm of Law 2024, the Talent Competition is the stage for girls to reveal not only their beauty but also their artistic talent and performing ability. And to give suggestions and direction to the contestants, it is impossible not to mention the appearance of the Jury - seniors with many years of experience working in many fields: 

  • Journalist Ngo Ba Luc - Head of the jury

  • Do Ngoc Son - MC/BTV/Sponsor Representative

  • David Le - Designer, Singer, Chairman of David Le Group

  • Le Lan Anh - Costume Sponsor Representative

  • Ha Trong Nhan - Master, Director of Knowledge and Entrepreneurship Consulting Center


Representative of the Organizing Committee MSc. Tran Trong Dai and the judges of the talent round


And what is most impressive is the performance of each contestant. Indeed, each girl has “broken through the cocoon” and then shines brightly through each dance and song. Not only is it simply a simple artistic performance, but integrated into each performance are also humane and meaningful messages about different aspects of today's reality. 


Contestant Nguyen Thao My - SBD 015 shines in the dance performance “Thi Mau”
Immerse yourself in the Northwest melody with the dance of contestant Pham Vu Quynh Trang - SBD 016


“Hanoi Law University students are so amazing!” is a compliment that judge Le Lan Anh gave to all contestants of the show. Satisfying in the visual part, impressive in the listening part is the mark that creates the unique color of each contestant. Whether it's a vibrant or profound melody, whether it's a graceful dance or a confident presentation, they all meet in common, which is to leave an unforgettable impression in the hearts of each audience below.


Top 14 of the program completed the Talent Round with flying colors


The closing of the Talent round is also a memorable milestone, marking that Charm of Law 2024's journey to find a girl representing the beauty of Law has gradually come to an end. And at the Final Night taking place on Sunday, June 30, the noble Queen position will be revealed. This promises to be an unforgettable memory with the breakthrough and "transformation" of the contestants and the careful preparation of the Organizing Committee.


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