To Bao Ngoc: from Marie Curie’s talent to the runway star


Born in 2016, To Bao Ngoc is a student at Marie Curie School in Hanoi, exemplifying a passionate pursuit of dreams. Her initial steps into the fashion world were met with obstacles due to shyness and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, her passion ignited when she followed her sister, To Ngoc Diep, to fashion shows. Since the summer of 2022, Bao Ngoc has officially embarked on this vibrant path. Always dreaming of donning glamorous outfits, Bao Ngoc has relentlessly honed her skills. She draws great inspiration from child model superstar Dang Minh Anh and her sister To Ngoc Diep. Thanks to her dedication and passion, Bao Ngoc has achieved significant success in her career.


Since summer 2022, Bao Ngoc has actively pursued modeling, inspired by child model superstar Dang Minh Anh and her sister.


To Bao Ngoc impresses with stunning photoshoots


Recently, To Bao Ngoc has caused a stir on social media with her latest fashion photoshoot. Dressed in a dazzling yellow creation by designer Dac Ngoc, Bao Ngoc showcases her beauty, reminiscent of a blooming flower, captivating hearts everywhere. Each shot tells a fairy tale, transporting viewers to a magical world where Bao Ngoc transforms into a charming little princess. Her gentle, shy poses perfectly match the concept of the shoot, fully conveying the designer's message through the attire. Bao Ngoc’s expressive eyes are a highlight, drawing attention in every frame. Her sparkling, wide eyes seem to hold a world of dreams, making it hard for viewers to look away.


Her gentle poses and expressive eyes, full of dreams, captivate viewers, perfectly conveying the designer's vision.


Despite a busy performance schedule, Bao Ngoc consistently excels in her studies and daily activities. She is a role model for the younger generation, demonstrating effort, passion, and a sense of responsibility. With her talent and unwavering dedication, To Bao Ngoc is poised to go even further in the future. Stay tuned for more impressive performances from this young star on the runway!


Despite a busy performance schedule, Bao Ngoc excels academically and in her daily activities, serving as a role model for the younger generation.


Passion for handball and unwavering effort


Beyond modeling, To Bao Ngoc has a special passion for sports, particularly handball. She has won a gold medal and the Golden Ball award in handball at Marie Curie School. Remarkably, Bao Ngoc maintains excellent academic performance despite her early artistic pursuits. With a spirit of continuous learning and a strong passion, Bao Ngoc’s future in the child modeling industry looks incredibly promising and bright.


Beyond modeling, Bao Ngoc is passionate about handball, having won a gold medal and the Golden Ball award at Marie Curie School.


The presence of young models, especially To Bao Ngoc, makes the Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024 vibrant and impressive. Keep watching to not miss any memorable moments and dazzling performances from these talented young stars. This fashion week is not just a showcase for designs but also a journey marking the achievements of promising young models.


Bao Ngoc will be a highlight at the Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024, marking her achievements and those of other talented young models.

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