Novita Sari Yahya - positive power source for extraordinary things


Not only renowned in the international beauty industry for her position as National Director of the International Miss, Mrs, Mister and Talent Kid contests in Indonesia, Mrs. Novita Sari Yahya also impresses with her positive energy and endless dedication. At the age of 51, Novita Sari Yahya is still always enthusiastic in her work and inspires everyone around her. Possessing a sharp strategic vision, outstanding leadership ability and a deep understanding of the beauty industry, to date, Novita Sari Yahya has owned dozens of licenses from prestigious contests such as Mrs/Miss Gaia World 2023, Mrs/Miss Glamor International 2023, Mrs/Miss Global Asean 2024, Mrs Petite Global Indonesia 2024, Miss Elite Global 2024, Queen Of International Tourism 2024, Future Fashion Faces World, etc. With effort and dedication to the beauty industry, Novita Sari Yahya has been contributing to bringing generations of talented Indonesian contestants to shine on the international beauty map.


Novita Sari Yahya, the driving force behind numerous high-caliber beauty pageants, continues to inspire with her dedication and positive energy.

The journey of overcoming challenges and reaching success 


Novita Sari Yahya's success comes not only from luck but also the result of tireless efforts. With a deep understanding of the beauty industry and special methods, Novita Sari Yahya has gradually trained potential contestants on the journey to conquer new heights, affirming their position on the international map. Besides professional knowledge, Novita Sari Yahya also builds good relationships with international beauty contest organizers. Thanks to that, she created opportunities for many domestic contestants to access prestigious beauty pageants to improve themselves and achieve success.


Novita Sari Yahya, the National Director of various international beauty contests in Indonesia, is recognized for her strategic vision and outstanding leadership in the beauty industry.

Sharing about her cooperation process, Novita Sari Yahya said: "Some CEOs/founders of International Selection proposed to cooperate more, but due to limited time, energy and human resources, I only completed the signed contracts and commitments.” Choosing to focus on existing commitments, Novita Sari Yahya demonstrates a high sense of responsibility and professionalism in work. Therefore, she always excellently completes the tasks assigned to her, ensuring the success of contestants and affirming her own reputation.


Novita Sari Yahya's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication, as she continues to train and support Indonesian contestants to shine on the global stage.

Novita Sari Yahya - inspiration for the worldwide young generation


Not only a talented leader, Novita Sari Yahya is also an inspiration for the global youth generation. With resounding success, Novita Sari Yahya has affirmed her position as well as conveyed a positive message about effort, perseverance and passion. She always encourages people to pursue their dreams and constantly strive to achieve success in the field they love. Novita Sari Yahya is like a burning fire, spreading enthusiasm and an extraordinary spirit of dedication. She is proof that, with will and determination, everyone can conquer new heights and create extraordinary things.


Novita Sari Yahya serves as an inspiration to the younger generation, emphasizing the importance of effort, perseverance, and passion in achieving success in one's chosen field.

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