The bright gem” rocking the runway of Vietnam Fashion Tour


With a burning passion for arts along with a bold fashion sense, Anh Ngoc is always excited when getting the chance to take part in artistic activities in her school. In each of her appearances, she always tries to leave impressive personal marks. Facilitated by her family to join classes training on dancing, piano playing, modeling and MCing, this “bright gem” quickly became one of the outstanding model kids on media forums. Upon her return on the stage of Vietnam Fashion Tour, Anh Ngoc shined bright with confident and professional strides. 


Anh Ngoc, the rising star of the Vietnamese fashion scene, dazzles the runway at Vietnam Fashion Tour with her confident and professional strides
With her diverse talents and meticulous training, Anh Ngoc captivates the audience with her impressive posing performance at Vietnam Fashion Tour

Sharing about this talented model, Mr. Le Tran Dac Ngoc claimed: “Anh Ngoc is a studious young girl, and when facilitated by her family, she has developed comprehensively. From modeling, MCing to dancing and playing the piano, she executes her performances in the most meticulous and professional manner. Her performance on the stage of Vietnam Fashion Tour is the most evident proof for her artistic potential. With such a firm foundation, Anh Ngoc is bound to develop even further in the future.”


Little model Anh Ngoc “rocking” the Vietnamese fashion runway


Anh Ngoc, a multifaceted talent, showcases her skills not only in modeling but also in MCing and performing arts, leaving a lasting impression on the fashion industry

Entering the land of arts with her family’s companionship, Anh Ngoc is even more motivated on her journey. In each lesson at Vietnam Star Academy, she pays close attention and trains resiliently till the final minutes. With her relentless effort along with flexible use of the acquired knowledge, Anh Ngoc is sought after by many highly acclaimed brands and designers. Not just appearing on stages like the Tourism & Ao dai Festival held by Hanoi City, shows of designers like Nhat Thuc, Yen Ngo, Super Kids Fashion Week, the Announcement ceremony of VIJFW, etc. as a model, this “little flower” also left profound impressions on the audience with her sweet voice in many shows like MT Winter Fashion Show, MT Spring and Summer Fashion Show, Em Show, Phieu Dieu, etc.


The young model Anh Ngoc shines on the runway, embodying grace and elegance as she walks for renowned designers and brands

Upon being interviewed about her past journey, Anh Ngoc shared: “I’m extremely grateful to be cared and facilitated by my teachers to express myself more. There were also times when I wanted to give up because I couldn’t balance between my studies and my time participating in artistic activities, but with my family’s companionship, I somewhat accomplished my missions. Arts and fashion truly is a promised land to me and I will try harder to provide the audience with the most impressive performances.” 


The “takeoff” journey of Anh Ngoc and young talents


Anh Ngoc's journey in the fashion world is marked by dedication, resilience, and a passion for self-expression, inspiring aspiring models and artists alike

Anh Ngoc - the “little star” rocking the Vietnamese fashion industry doesn’t just possess an impressive beauty but also encloses a huge fashion potential. With her clearly paved route for the future, from continuing to complete and enhance her catwalk and performance skills to conquer new heights in the field of fashion to fighting to be a professional MC, this young “leggy” surely will leave many unique impressions on Vietnamese fashion stages.


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