M.S Crew: A launching pad for Vietnamese young talents 


On the Vietnamese art stage, M.S Crew is not simply a dance group, but a living symbol of the breakthrough spirit, creativity and burning passion of the young generation of Vietnam. With skillful, daring dance moves and intense teamwork, M.S Crew has brought an impressive experience to the country's youth.


M.S Crew

Along the way, M.S Crew has built a strong and impressive brand in the Vietnamese dance community. They not only perform dances, but also create unique and outstanding performances. Their passion and enthusiasm have helped them become famous and attract attention from the community. M.S Crew constantly creates opportunities for themselves by participating in dance competitions and performing in public. Their outstanding achievements in competitions have built the brand and created prestige for the group, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of the audience.


M.S Crew’s impressive development journey


M.S Crew - Success and Recognition: M.S Crew has achieved remarkable success, from winning dance competitions to becoming representatives of various famous brands. These achievements demonstrate the talent and recognition that the group has gained within the dance community.

M.S Crew's journey to conquer the top is a testament to the extraordinary strength of young Vietnamese talent. From the first awkward steps, M.S Crew has continuously cultivated, trained and grown stronger, achieving a series of outstanding achievements. To date, M.S Crew has owned a Youtube channel with about 185k registrations; Champion of YG Dance cover Contest “MMM - Treasure”; Second prize of 1theK Dance cover Contest “CIX - NUMB”; Second prize in the contest "Coffee with Min - Creative & Dance cover Contest"; Hola Daebak Festival 1st runner-up.


M.S Crew - Effort and Focus: Behind the scenes at M.S Crew's practice room is where the team's dedication and relentless effort in perfecting their skills and artistry are showcased. They continuously train and commit themselves to achieve greater success.

In addition, the group also owns a TikTok channel with 102k followers with viral videos such as: "Tet on roi", "Shay nang", "Yeu Nam", "Mua he tuyet voi", "Xin Dung Nhac May". Not stopping there, currently the group is also becoming the representative face of many famous brands, including Yomost, Grab, Shopee, Lifebuoy, Dtech. To commemorate the period of their efforts, entering the 9th year of operation, M.S Crew has launched a new youtube channel "M.S Dance Performance", specializing in posting dance videos and practice room versions for everyone to have easier access to dance, spreading the love of dancing to everyone.


The inspiration driving Vietnamese youth to affirm their talent and courage 


M.S Crew - Inspiration and Encouragement: M.S Crew not only performs on stage but also interacts with the community and fans, spreading positive messages and encouraging other youth to express themselves through art and creativity.

With their vibrant background tracks, M.S Crew has turned dancing into a way to express talent and bravery for Vietnamese youth. They are not simply a dance group, but also a source of inspiration and positivity in the community. With their enthusiastic participation in competitions and public performances, M.S Crew has proven that overcoming personal limits is the key to growth and success. The creativity and passion through M.S Crew's vibrant performances have encouraged young people to express themselves through art, sending the message that everyone can shine and make their own mark in life. With skillful movements and unique style, M.S Crew has attracted the attention and admiration of many dancing lovers.


With unremitting efforts, M.S Crew promises to continue to grow strongly in the future. The desire to rise and the creative spirit of this group has affirmed the talent and bravery of Vietnamese youth. M.S Crew is not only an excellent dance group, but also a typical example of brave - talented - creative youth in the new era.

Larissa | Karlfya | Cameron Truong