Vietnam Fashion Tour soars with Ruby Bao My's impressive performance

Taking the stage at the Vietnam Fashion Tour, the "pearl" of Thai Nguyen, Ruby Bao My, mesmerized the audience with her elegant beauty and confident charm. Striding on the catwalk, Bao My resembled a radiant flower, showcasing a solid stage presence and captivating, professional catwalk skills. With these outstanding qualities, she has become one of the shining stars in the Vietnamese modeling industry, leaving a profound impression on the audience every time she graces the runway.

Ruby Bao My radiates elegance and confidence as she graces the Vietnam Fashion Tour runway, captivating the audience with her graceful charm.

Sharing about the performance of this "young star," Mr. Le Tran Dac Ngoc said: "When we talk about Ruby Bao My, we immediately think of a girl with gentle, youthful, and incredibly captivating beauty. Not only does she possess natural beauty, but Bao My is also an extremely diligent child model, serious about her craft and always striving to enhance her knowledge and skills in every class. It is this relentless effort that I and Vietnam Star Academy have trusted and provided opportunities for Bao My to try her hand at various shows, allowing her to steadily climb to the peak of this promising stage."

The journey to the fashion world of Ruby Bao My

With her innate artistic perception and diligent work ethic, Ruby Bao My shines as one of the brightest stars in the Vietnamese modeling industry.

Hailing from the land of "the best tea" in Thai Nguyen, Ruby Bao My showed a strong passion for the arts from a very young age. At just three years old, she was fascinated by music and dance, demonstrating a keen sense and innate artistic perception. This passion has only grown over time, propelling Ruby Bao My to pursue a professional artistic path. At the age of five, her family provided her with the opportunity to showcase her talents with the performance "Spring of Love" broadcasted on VTC channel. The love for beauty and the stage, along with these initial steps, has fueled Ruby Bao My's continued efforts on her journey to fulfill her dreams.

Ruby Bao My's journey from Thai Nguyen to the fashion world showcases her passion, dedication, and unwavering determination to fulfill her dreams.

Sharing about her daughter's journey, Ruby Bao My's mother said: "During her participation in artistic activities, there were times when she had to attend difficult posture training sessions or performances without time to eat, which worried me a lot. But because of her passion, she always encouraged me with her innocent smile and her own efforts. Over the past two years, she has become more well-known, had the opportunity to participate in recording Lunar New Year programs, interact with famous veteran artists, and receive meaningful memorabilia. She appreciates every gift from these programs, as to her, it represents her own process of effort. Seeing her mature day by day, I am very proud, and I will continue to accompany her on her future journey."

Ruby Bao My - A promising seed for the future generation of Vietnamese models

As a promising seed for the future generation of Vietnamese models, Ruby Bao My combines beauty with exquisite catwalk skills, leaving a lasting impression on the Vietnam Fashion Tour stage.

With her sweet, elegant appearance and confident, charming demeanor, Ruby Bao My has brought a "breath of fresh air" to the Vietnam Fashion Tour stage, winning over the hearts of the audience from her very first catwalk steps. The perfect combination of beauty and exquisite catwalk skills helps her assert her talent and potential, promising to become a prominent name in the Vietnamese fashion industry.

Responding to questions about her upcoming plans, Ruby Bao My enthusiastically shared: "In addition to my passion for modeling and the stage, I also spend time trying my hand at rollerblading and contemporary dance. In the future, I will continue to strive to improve myself further and repay the love and support that everyone has shown me on this artistic journey."

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