Vietnam Fashion Tour “fired up” with Le Ngoc Tu Khue’s performance


Following the success of the first leg, Vietnam Fashion Tour has returned with the theme "Ignite your Passion", attracting the attention of many talented child models. Standing out on stage this time is Le Ngoc Tu Khue - the model who conquered experts and audiences with her confident and attractive performance. In the "Lang Du" collection from the Dac Ngoc Designer House brand, with a "model-standard" charisma and professional catwalk steps, Tu Khue seems to immerse the audience in a colorful fashion space with impressive and emotional moments.


Le Ngoc Tu Khue confidently struts on the runway of Vietnam Fashion Tour, captivating the audience with her confidence and charm.

Sharing about Le Ngoc Tu Khue's journey to art, her parents said: "She showed her passion for art from a very early age. At just 6 months old, she showed excitement when listening to musical melodies. While learning to walk, she liked to pose and wear flowing dresses like a bride. Realizing her child's love of art, her mother let her take dance lessons from the age of 2, then also facilitated her to participate in professional child model training classes. She was always excited about the lessons and practiced diligently when she got home. Up to now, Tu Khue has also received invitations to perform from famous brands and designers in Vietnam."


Tu Khue mesmerizing the crowd with her graceful performance in the "Lang Du" collection by Dac Ngoc Designer House.

Le Ngoc Tu Khue - “a new breeze” on the Vietnamese fashion runway 


Overcoming the difficulties of the first days of coming to art, from the pain and fatigue while learning to dance, from outdoor performances or having problems with time, Le Ngoc Tu Khue still made great efforts for her journey of accomplishing her dream. With the ability to perform confidently on the catwalk, Tu Khue has "been loved and remembered" in the hearts of the public, becoming one of the child models frequently sought after by brands and designers. She had the opportunity to participate in new collection launch ceremonies with designers such as Nhat Thuc, Tran Thanh Man, Hung Ho, Linh Phuong, and Pham Gia Hung. The name Tu Khue has also made an impression in some prominent art shows such as "Destination Runway Fashion Week 2023"; “9 Fashion Show season 3 - Mark of Vietnam”; International Arts Festival; Vietnam Future Runway; Winter Fashion Show; Phuc Xuan An Gia; Happy Tet; Ocean dance…


Proud parents of Le Ngoc Tu Khue sharing their daughter's journey to the world of art and modeling, highlighting her passion and dedication.

In an interview about her feelings after the shows, model Tu Khue excitedly shared: "I'm very happy that my mentors trusted me and gave me the opportunity to shine. In order not to disappoint them as well as parents on my journey, I will continue to try to practice and bring more professional and emotional performances."


A promising pursuit for arts


Tu Khue radiating elegance and poise as she takes center stage, showcasing her talent and potential as a budding model.

Despite making a strong mark at Vietnam Fashion Tour, Le Ngoc Tu Khue still constantly strives to improve herself in a professional and dynamic child modeling environment. Every activity, every performance is an opportunity for her to learn, practice and mature. However, entering a new age, Tu Khue is aware of the importance of balancing between study and passion for fashion. She will arrange her time appropriately to ensure that both of these important areas are successfully completed.


A glimpse into Tu Khue's promising future in the fashion industry, where she continues to shine and inspire others with her passion and determination.

Tu Khue's journey to conquer her dream is still a long way to go and she is always ready to do her best to reach success. With a burning passion and a relentless eager-to-learn spirit, Tu Khue promises to become a potential star in the Vietnamese fashion industry. Please join MGI Magazine in continuing to follow and accompany Le Ngoc Tu Khue on the path to conquering this promising dream!

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