The journey towards sustainable beauty with Bulbs and Roots


Far beyond the introduction of a new cosmetic product, the introduction ceremony of Bulbs and Roots was an experience awaking all the senses of the participants. The Amaya Retreat landscape was harmoniously decorated with nature’s green shades, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The soothing and calm music was as if taking each person’s soul into the exquisite “Conscious Beauty” world. 


Bulbs and Roots Vietnam Introductory Ceremony: Guests immerse themselves in the natural ambiance of Amaya Retreat, exploring the philosophy of 'Conscious Beauty Experience'

In that natural green space, the representative of the exclusive distributor GreenLife shared: “Today’s event is held at a landmark closely associated with the legend of Saint Giong, a symbol of Vietnamese people’s miraculous development and patriotism. We hope that each individual, each business will aim towards overall development while still maintaining the balance with protecting the consumers’ health and preserving the environment for our later generations.”


Progress in Sustainable Beauty: Top hairstylists highly praise the suitability and effectiveness of Bulbs and Roots' vegan hair care products, showcasing their commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Not stopping there, the event’s spotlight was shown at the product display area - where the guests are free to get hands-on experience at the most exquisite hair care products, completely produced from natural ingredients. Bulbs and Roots’ advising experts were ready to share their expertise on the philosophy of “conscious beauty”, instructing their clients on an efficient and safe hair care method. 


Bulbs and Roots - Touching the environment-loving hearts 

At the event, seasoned hair stylists like Van Thi Minh Phuong, Thu Hoai, Thuy Duong, Mai Huy Hoang, Jin Nguyen and Bao Keo had touching thoughts about this high-quality Italian vegan product line brought to them by Bulbs and Roots. 


The Choice for a Green Future: The introduction ceremony of Bulbs and Roots marks a significant step in spreading the 'Mindful Beauty' philosophy, contributing to building a nature-loving community and fostering self-appreciation!

Hairstylist Van Thi Minh Phuong shared: “After the COVID-19 pandemic, safe and sustainable beauty trends increasingly gained attention, from the food industry to hair care. Vegan products like Bulbs and Roots have gained the trust and widespread use among the hairstyling community. This choice has marked a breakthrough in the effort to strive towards a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. With such positive values brought about by vegan products, Bulbs and Roots is bound to be even better received in the future.”


Hairstylist Thu Hoai shared: “Right from Bulbs and Roots’ first days in Vietnam, I was lucky to have a try on their products and deeply experienced the positive values brought about by this brand. Today’s introduction ceremony even further clarified this when having a decoration concept fitting in perfectly with the motto of going green, sustainable and striving towards what is good for the environment. What’s most valuable about Bulbs and Roots is that they are human-centered. As a hairstylist myself, being able to accompany a brand that always aims towards community good is a huge honor. The humanity and sustainability in Bulbs and Roots’ business philosophy deserve to be even more honored and widespread.” 


Hairstylist Mai Huy Hoang shared: “The ceremony chose a green space, bringing people closer to nature. This is what impressed me the most entering the show. The trend of using vegan products is gaining more and more attention and everyone will gradually strive towards the beauty values of being sustainable and eco-friendly. Pioneering brands like Bulbs and Roots, with the philosophy of using pure natural ingredients, surely will be even more entrusted and supported by the community.” 


Ms. Tam from GreenLife expresses confidence in Bulbs and Roots' future success, anticipating widespread acceptance among consumers who prioritize health, safety, and environmental harmony.
Guests engage with Bulbs and Roots' exquisite hair care products, experiencing the benefits of natural ingredients and 'conscious beauty' philosophy firsthand

Choosing Bulbs and Roots - The choice for a green future


The introduction ceremony of Bulbs and Roots in Vietnam is a vital turning point, marking the start of the journey to spread the philosophy of “Conscious Beauty” to Vietnamese consumers. With the presence of the leading hairstylists in this impressive ceremony, Bulbs and Roots asserted the position of a pioneering brand in the wave of sustainable and eco-friendly beauty. The event not only introduced a high-caliber hair care product from Italy, but also inspired the guests about a lifestyle that gets on harmoniously with nature.


Bulbs and Roots: Brand consultants share in-depth knowledge of the 'mindful beauty' philosophy, guiding customers on effective and safe hair care

Sharing about her emotions on this new brand, Ms. Tam - the representative of GreenLife expressed: “We believe that with the overwhelming prevalence of their vegan hair cosmetic products, Bulbs and Roots will be more widely received by hairstylists, consumers who care about their health, safe beauty and a lifestyle in harmony with nature. This is a style being more clearly shaped not only in Vietnam but also worldwide.”


Bulbs and Roots: Nestled in the greenery of nature, Bulbs and Roots offers a meaningful beauty experience, combining relaxation with the notion of harmony with nature

Continuing their mission of “Gifting mental beauty from nature”, in the future, Bulbs and Roots promises to continue to offer safe and efficient products while constantly raising public awareness on the importance of a green life and environmental preservation. Please keep accompanying this brand to spread the philosophy of sustainable beauty, contributing to building a nature-loving community and appreciating yourself!

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