The vegan hair cosmetic product line Bulbs&Roots has been officially exclusively distributed in Vietnam by GreenLife Trade and Service Co, Ltd. since September 2023. The introduction ceremony of this hair care brand acted as the brand’s official “Ciao” to Vietnamese consumers. 


Mrs. Hoang Bich Tam receiving the Bulbs&Roots exclusive hair cosmetic product distribution in Vietnam

The journey to discover beauty began with an impressive "conscious" opening. Melodious music and contemporary art immersed the audience in a gentle, elegant space as if they were connected to themselves. It was an invitation to rediscover the inner beauty, the conscious beauty that the hair cosmetics brand Bulbs&Roots aims to achieve.

Continuing the emotional stories from the representatives of Bulbs&Roots and GreenLife - the exclusive distributor of this brand in Vietnam, GreenLife representative and CEO, Mrs. Hoang Bich Tam shared: “There are two major reasons why GreenLife chose to accompany Bulbs&Roots. First of all, Bulbs&Roots’ business philosophy was harmonious with GreenLife’s. Both brands prioritize the value of natural and sustainable beauty and the commitment to environmental protection. GreenLife has been pursuing the motto “Beauty from Nature” for the past 14 years, and we are impressed to see the harmony in Bulbs&Roots’ mission. Secondly, Bulbs&Roots brings high-quality products, made from safw and efficient natural ingredients. We believe that these products will meet the demands and needs of Vietnamese consumers, who are increasingly paying attention to health and natural beauty. With this collaboration, GreenLife and Bulbs&Roots hope to provide Vietnamese consumers with brand new beauty experiences, while still contributing to protecting the living environment for ourselves and our later generations.” She also emphasized the journey of transferring beauty from Italy to Vietnam through the Bulbs&Roots product line. 

Bubs&Roots products are extracted from produce farmed in Italian organic farms, with green production technologies. These products are dermatologically certified, helping care for your head skin and make your hair stronger while still ensuring the consumers’ health, respecting the environment and the Earth

Mrs. Silvia Teli, Export Manager of FAMA Professional shared: “Bulbs&Roots is a project that is human-centered, providing natural sustainable beauty. Our products are created by adroit hands, our love for nature and our pride in the origin as well as our success values.” Mrs. Teli also expressed her pride when crossing over 9000 kilometers from Italy to introduce Bulbs&Roots to the Vietnamese market - showing the brand’s commitment and appreciation towards Vietnamese consumers. 

What was special about the event was the performance of the “CONSCIOUS BEAUTY EXPERIENCE” collection, just like its name, expressing the motto of “Staying human-centered, taking beauty as motivation”. Creative and exquisite hairstyles were shaped live by the Creative Director Marco Iafrate and expert Gianmarco Fabbiano from FAMA Professional, taking the audience into a world where brand new and impressive beauty emerges.

Bulbs and Roots: Brand consultants share in-depth knowledge of the 'mindful beauty' philosophy, guiding customers on effective and safe hair care.

Besides the artistic hair performance, the audience’s passion was also aroused by the Ignite Your Passion prom by the pool with vibrant music igniting the youth’s living passion. This is an assertion that beauty is not simply on the outside but also in the radiance, confidence and sexiness from the inside of each individual. 

Bulbs and Roots Vietnam Introductory Ceremony: Guests immerse themselves in the natural ambiance of Amaya Retreat, exploring the philosophy of 'Conscious Beauty Experience'.
A few images of the event

Putting an end to the journey was the luxurious party called “Dream Come True”. In the cozy atmosphere, the special guests were free to share about their life and work. That cherished moment brought a sense of closeness and understanding among the guests who have all been dedicating themselves to beauty. It is truly hard to have such peaceful moments in the bustling reels of modern life.

The Choice for a Green Future: The introduction ceremony of Bulbs and Roots marks a significant step in spreading the 'Mindful Beauty' philosophy, contributing to building a nature-loving community and fostering self-appreciation!

Far from just the birth of a new product line, the introduction ceremony of Bulbs&Roots in Vietnam opened up the doors to a world full of conscious beauty, where we can come back to our roots, live to the fullest with ourselves and be immersed in nature. A new living philosophy came from the sacred land of Italy, and then blossomed in Vietnam with honorable humane values.