The Let’s On Air 2024 campaign starting on April 25th 2024 with the name: “LOVE BEAT - Chill with intimacy, end with harmony” promises to bring a special space of creativity. Through this campaign, the Organizing Committee wishes to create a playground for youngsters to express their thoughts using artworks. Let’s On Air 2024 also acts as a launchpad for youngsters on their journey to affirm their love for arts.


Let’s On Air 2024 has 3 major activities:


Activity 1: Let’s On Air 2024 competition (April 23rd – May 16th, 2024)


Aimed towards young people aged 18-25 across Vietnam, the Let’s On Air competition was born with the desire to find young talents through their works. Thus, they not only have the chance to spread positive and meaningful messages to the public but also affirm their passion and gifts in arts. 


With the theme “Young People and Expectations in Love”, Let’s On Air 2024 officially announced the question: “Imagine if you can make a song out of a love that is hard to confess, how will it sound?”. This promises to be an intriguing and open task for our contestants. With a total prize value of up to 250 million VND, the Organizing Committee hopes to reach special competing works, new and unique perspectives through three main categories: Photo Story, Graphic Design, Social Video. 


This year’s competition features a highly experienced judging panel in each category, including: 

  • Photo Story: Creative Director Dzung Yoko, Creative Director Alex Fox, Art Director Foxtly, Photographer Hau Le, Visual Director Nguyen Phan Linh Dan.
  • Graphic Design: Creative Director Maxk Nguyen, Creative Director Le Duc Hiep, Founder of Thuy Uyen Training - Thuy Uyen, Creative Director/Visual Artist Cao Hoang Long.
  • Social Video: Director/Photographer Phuong Vu, Actress/Acting Trainer Ly Thu Uyen, Actor Le Cong Hoang, Director Kawaii Tuan Anh.

Activity 2: Media publications (April 24th - June 17th, 2024)

The campaign starts with the Inspiring phase, taking place from April 24th to May 18th, 2024. During this phase, Let’s On Air 2024 will accompany youngsters in finding out about problems involved in love, especially about each individual’s expectations in a relationship. Thus, this can be a precursor for youngsters to be aware of what keeps them pondering in love, through messages and meaningful stories told on different media platforms.


The Spreading phase is planned to take place between May 20th and June 17th, 2024. By syncing our voice as one with youngsters, S Communications hopes to be their companion on their journey of confidently expressing love to their partner. The stories told by Scoms in this phase mainly focus on the thoughts and wonders of youngsters on their love expectations. 

Throughout the song and melody of love called “LOVE BEAT”, Let’s On Air 2024 promises to be a soothing sound, a connecting point for youngsters to freely raise their words of love using their own voice.


Activity 3: Events

1. Inspiration Day (May 6th, 2024)

Coming to Inspiration Day, attendees have the opportunity to meet, listen and share stories with guests and speakers with extensive professional experience. Besides, this is also an opportunity for young people to explore and experience special creative spaces along with Pre-Event activities. Through that, they can open up personal ideas about their own “love song”.

Through this Inspiration Day, Let’s On Air 2024 not only hopes to provide youngsters with fascinating perspectives from speakers with the theme “Young People and Expectations in Love” but also promises to bring endless inspiration for contestants to complete their works. 

2. Let’s On Air Award (June 2nd, 2024)

Let’s On Air Award is the night to honor excellent artworks in all three categories: Photo Story, Graphic Design and Social Video. Besides the chance to admire these creative and artistic masterpieces, attendees also get to listen to the implications hidden behind each of the products through the contestants’ presentation. Let’s On Air Award not only promises to provide the audience with different layers of emotion about love, it also hopes to bring eye-catching performances and professionalism through the critical comments from the judging panel, who have years of experience in the field of Artistic Creation like Directors, Scriptwriters, Creative Directors, etc. 



About Let's On Air:


Let’s On Air is among the annual campaigns of the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City Student Communications group - S Communications.  là một trong những Chiến dịch thường niên của Nhóm Truyền thông Sinh viên - S Communications. Aimed towards young people aged 18-25 across Vietnam, the campaign hopes to convey and spread various perspectives about humans and social problems in a positive way through the lens of media. In over 10 years of operation, Let’s On Air takes pride in being one of the largest and most prestigious campaigns in Ho Chi Minh City, garnering attention and participation from the mass young people and students across Vietnam. Besides that, this campaign also attracts the collaboration and companionship from various units, business partners, media partners and celebrities and influencers. 


About S Communications:


Founded in 1999, S Communications is the Students Communications group subordinating the UEH Students’ Association with over 200 active members and collaborators and a network of tens of thousands of students from universities nationwide. With the motto “UNITY - PROFESSIONALISM - CREATIVITY”, in the past 25 years, we constantly connect and spread positive life values to students of UEH and across the country. 



Besides that, this campaign is honored to receive the companionship and support from the following Units: 

Silver sponsors: be, MGI Magazine 

Scholarship and specialized sponsor: Arena Multimedia; 

Accompanying sponsors: KATINAT, Chita Helmets, OnMic, DOL English; 

Studio sponsor: D.Studio - Photo & Video

Strategic Media Sponsor: Vietcetera.

Media partners: MGI Magazine, YAN Digital, The gioi Giai tri Newspaper, Quanh Aka, iVolunteer Vietnam,,,,, Designer Việt Nam, FTU Zone, Unitutor, Hunfdayne, Tumblr Vietnam, The Trainee Club, RGB, Information and Communications Department of BUH - B4T, Margroup, Youth Union and Students’ Association of School of International Business and Marketing, Youth Union and Students’ Association of College of Business, MaC, FTUNEWS, Super M, OSAC.


For more information about the program, contact the Organizing Committee via: 

Ms. Huynh Ngoc Linh - Head of Media Department: (+84) 899 986 901 |  

Ms. Pham Quynh Anh - Head of PR Department: (+84) 937 396 737 |