Ryan - from a passion for music to impressive hits


Ryan’s real name is Tran Thanh Tam, and he was born in 1996. He used to be the main dancer of the For7 boyband, debuting in 2021. At the beginning of 2023, Ryan decided to pursue going solo, marking a turning point in his musical career with the song “Tinh yeu phi thuong” (Extraordinary Love) released just this March 21st, 2024. Coming to arts with a love always flowing in his veins, Ryan quickly asserted his personal style and accomplished outstanding achievements like Top 3 Cover Can you try or Top 15 Zpop Dreams 2019. Furthermore, he is also an endorsing face entrusted by many big brands like Budweiser, Romano, and Kon Tum K5 Ngoc Linh Ginseng.


Captivating audiences with his solo debut, Ryan's performance exudes charisma and passion, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey.

Sharing about his own impressive milestones, the young talent Ryan shared: “Right from the first days coming to arts, I’ve always had the desire to produce ear-catching songs, making them a ‘spiritual love’ for the audience and live in their love. During my composing process, I constantly question myself about my aspirations as well as take initiatives in asking my seniors for their advice to learn from them and gain motivation. Coming to arts and music in such unprecedented saturation, I believe that my love for this career, my perseverance, resilience and eager-to-learn qualities will be the most important luggages for me on the journey to success. I will continue to create and change in a more positive direction to suit the audience’s taste and create a distinctive musical color for myself.” 


Through hard work and dedication, Ryan overcame obstacles and self-doubt to pursue his dreams, inspiring others with his resilience and determination.

The young talent Ryan’s courageous pursuit of arts 


Hardly anyone believes that the confident and attractive singer Ryan today used to have an out-of-breath and uneven performance during the flag salutation period in high school. Everyone’s massive laughter then was like a blade stabbing right through Ryan’s passionate heart. Since then, this young talent has trained himself day in day out, taking vocal lessons to conquer his dreams and assert himself. To date, with his powerful voice, fluent vocal skills along with exquisite song-handling skills, Ryan has conquered a plethora of music genres, from the soothing and deep ballad songs to the more vibrant pop works. His music not only brings ear-catching melodies but also conveys positive messages, inspiring and arousing multiple levels of emotions for the listeners. That is the fullest answer for the determination of “I have to sing to my best and hear lots of applause from the audience!” of that little boy. 


Ryan's music spreads messages of love and compassion, touching the hearts of listeners and serving as a source of inspiration and motivation for the community.

With a hard starting point, Ryan’s pursuit of arts is not so favorable when he had to convince his family, learning to sing from scratch, along with countless thoughts of giving up. Ryan shared: “There was a time I was still an intern and had the first filming session with For7, I was severely ill and I needed antibiotic infusion everyday. While everyone went for a bite after filming, I still had to get my antibiotic infusion. Back then, the pressure in such a big city was overwhelming, I was both exhausted and full of self-pity, there were many times I just wanted to quit on the spot. Amidst those hardships, I was lucky to come across a saying: ‘Remember why you started’. That quote gave me the power and motivation so I could stand up and continue my journey of conquering my dreams. Now, after being forged in fire after many stages in this field, I am always so grateful of the valuable lessons then. All of them have been important luggages for my upcoming projects.” 


Embracing collaboration and innovation, Ryan looks forward to collaborating with renowned artists and leveraging social media to promote music and arts.

Ryan and the promising future for the Vietnamese music industry


On this artistic path, Ryan always puts “ethics” on top of his agenda. He confesses that he will use kindness and his sincere heart to execute everything, not just music. Having just released his first song “Tinh yeu phi thuong”, Ryan is also intending to launch songs with positive messages, spreading love and healing people’s souls. He claims: “When I still have that passion and love for this job in me, that will be the motivation for me to overcome the hardships and challenges ahead. The path we choose may be extremely arduous and uncertain, but as long as we are still passionate about it and making efforts, success is never out of reach.”


Join MGI Magazine in supporting Ryan as he continues to make strides in his musical career, spreading joy and positivity through his music.

In the constant innovation of the Vietnamese music industry, Ryan also hopes to collaborate with more renowned artists. However, he is aware that he himself needs to learn more to reach their levels and bring the most flawless products. Not just stopping there, Ryan also recognizes the role of social media in promoting music and arts in general, so he considers maintaining and caring for interactions on social media platforms is indispensable and needs to be done everyday.


With his talents, passion and constant efforts, Ryan promises to reap even more successes in the future. His music is a positive motivation, arousing emotions and spreading meaningful messages to the community. Join MGI Magazine in following and supporting Ryan on this journey to conquer his musical dreams!

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