“Weaving Dreams on the rocky plateau” is the graduation project of young designer Thanh Lich (born in 2000, Son La), a student majoring in Fashion Design at Hanoi University of Architecture.

From an early age, Thanh Lich has had a passion for fashion (Image: Thanh Lich).

Sharing more about the reason for choosing the Northwest as the inspiration for the graduation project, the male student said: “Born and raised in the Northwest mountains and forests, I am very proud of this land and want to bring beautiful features. here in my own collection”.

Discarded nearly 100 sketches to produce a worthy product

From the idea to the final product, Lich spent many months researching, returning to his hometown for a field survey, and finally, only choosing to keep only 5 sketches to produce. Before that, the designer had discarded nearly 100 initial sketches.

Graduation project inspired by the Northwest region of students Thanh Lich (Image: Thanh Lich). 

When he returned, the male student built a mood board and made the first sketches. It took Lich about 6 months to choose from machine material for each brocade pattern, carefully combining surface and fabric textures to produce the most Northwestern-style products.

Putting all his heart into the final project at her school, Thanh Lich not only wants to tell the story of the dreams of children on the rocky plateau but also wants to preserve and promote the national brocade material. "Each exercise leaves a lot of emotions and lessons for me, and every collection carries the sentiments that I send," Lich said.

Northwest materials appear diversely in the collection (Image: Thanh Lich)


With careful investment from design to fabric selection, Lich acknowledges that: "The collection that I am most passionate about is probably the collection "Weaving Dreams on the rocky plateau", marking my four or five years of college with a story conveyed through the language of fashion”. 

One of the designs from the “Weaving Dreams on the Stone Plateau” collection (Image: Thanh Lich).

Mom is the one who nurtures a love of fashion

As a fashion lover, Thanh Lich always looks for beauty and feels with all his heart. When talking about the person who influenced him the most during his life with a passion for fashion, the male student affirmed that it was his mother.

“My passion for sewing, weaving, and dyeing ethnic fabrics since childhood has been nurtured by my passion for jute yarns woven by my mother. Since then, I was determined to pursue the path of beauty for life," Lich said.

Thanh Lich completed his graduation project  (Image: Thanh Lich).

With respect for his career and dedication to his chosen work, Lich has brought home many outstanding achievements such as being Top 30 national costume universe Vietnam 2019, Top 10 fashion for Passion 2019, Top 16 fashion designer at Thailand fashion week 2022, Top 25 VSFI 2022, designer for top 10 Miss Tourism Vietnam 2022, a Fashion designer at Bangkok kids fashion week 2023…

At the end of his final semesters at Hanoi University of Architecture, Lich intends to continue his enthusiasm for fashion and beauty, still wishing to contribute to preserving and promoting more of the national cultural identity.

The young designer wishes to continue pursuing his passion in the future (Image: Thanh Lich). 

The graduation project is a long and arduous journey, but it is also a beautiful and meaningful journey. This is probably not a project story anymore, for Lich, this is something that he can strive for because of the people who have accompanied him, raised, helped, and trusted him, for all the dear people and land of the Northwest.