The fall bridal collection 2022 “Siren Call” by Kim Kassas has captured the enchanting beauty of mermaids. The designs stand out with unconventional details and cuts, soft and delicate but also bold and alluring. 

In “Siren Call”, each costume emphasizes the female beguiling figures with strapless and off-the-shoulder necklines, waist-shaping bodices, revealing slits, and sheer illusion. These gowns are made for non-traditional brides who want to show salience on their wedding day.

At first glance, the dresses feature provocative details that evoke feminine mystique, creating a collection that’s both bold and delicate. From the mermaid silhouettes to the seashell-inspired pleats, the designers have conveyed the mystery and glamor of the ocean by using French lace, Duchesse satin, silk taffeta, silk chiffon, and tulle embellished with refined details.

"Ariel" is a low-waist corset dress made of Solstiss lace bodysuit with impeccable draping and a duchess satin pleated shirt with dramatic side slit.
"Hylena" is a four-tiered mini dress with layered silk tulle and delicately embroidered tulle pleated corset bodice.
"Ava" is a two-piece midi dress with a fully transparent base embroidered with classic, elegant French Solstiss lace and a pleated corset bodice with a skirt accompanied by pleated silk taffeta.
“Aqua” is a glamorous strapless corset featuring intricately embroidered Italian tulle for a wave-like effect. The dress includes gloves and a headscarf of the same material. The dress is embellished with ivory and silver colors, creating a shimmering effect like seawater.
“Pearl” is a Victorian-inspired mini corset dress made of Solstiss lace featuring elaborate Italian embroidery and handcrafted designs, depicting mermaids with beaded tassel and pearl accents. The dress is combined with a navy blue brocade robe and gold embroidery. 
“Coralia” is an enigmatic one-piece evening gown made of mesh Solstiss lace bodice and structured organza overlay stands out with delicate Italian embroidered coral reef designs.
“Sirena” is an alluring bodysuit with a thigh-high ruffle with sequins and gradient embellishments, with a glittering effect reminiscent of treasures on the ocean floor.
“Delphin” is reminiscent of a traditional mermaid silhouette. This slim-fit, body-hugging dress is made of satin and has the shape of a mermaid tail.
"Laguna" is Reminiscent of ocean whirlpools, this unique high-neck long-sleeved dress is crafted from Solstiss lace with asymmetrical ironed silk chiffon layers starting at the bottom and extending to the neckline. The fitted high neckline of the dress lends elegance and sophistication to this flowing tulle creation.
"Yaria" is a modern twist on a classic mermaid silhouette, this dress features a corset bodice with structured pleats fixed beneath Italian embroidered fabric. The dress was paired with a sequin embroidered lace cape as an accessory.
"Jewel" is a glamorous jumpsuit made of Solstiss lace covered in a beaded transparent mesh with loose pearl jewels and a silk chiffon skirt at the back.
"Azalia" is a modern mermaid-inspired dress with a glamorous corset made of duchesse satin accentuates the body shape. The pleats on the skirt and the seashell-inspired corset evoke a fascinating aquatic world.
"Merinelle" is a modern mermaid dress featuring a Solstiss lace one-piece with a see-through tulle outer layer embroidered with detail. The ruched tulle at the chest continues to extend to the back creating a beautiful opening to the dress.
"Arisea" is a seashell-shaped shirt with a silver embroidered corset bodice, wide bust, and layered taffeta hemline. Although the length is non-traditional, with intricate embellishments that stand out, this dress is a perfect fit for the bride.

Kim Kassas is an emerging high-end fashion studio based in Tel Aviv (Israel) specializing in bold bridal and evening couture. However, Kim Kassas’ designs are not for typical brides but for those who are stylish, bold, and modern. Launched in 2018, founder, Kim Kassas, and designer Dor Yaakov have collaborated and created high-fashion and unparalleled designs, making the distinction for the brand.