The establishment of the successful brand

After spending many years learning and gaining experience in the field of makeup, together with testing the products of other brands, the singer has now been able to apply those for use and open her own business of cosmetics.

Most cosmetic brands these days, aim for certain individuals with prominent appearances. However, Fenty Beauty has decided to take off on its own route.

Rihanna’s brand is founded for the sake of every woman, no matter their skin, style, or culture.

Rihanna has always wanted to give everyone the chance to be able to try and appreciate her products.


Rihanna at a Fenty Beauty Store


The success of the product series comes from its diversity, both external and internal.

Rihanna has never headed toward the purpose of establishing a brand for herself only. What the singer really wants is to revolutionize, to change the whole industry of makeup. And with Fenty Beauty, she did all those outstandingly.

The prominence of the brand’s collections, apart from the quality, but also from the various levels of color tone, suitable for every skin color from brighter ones to darker ones. Thanks to this aspect, the uniqueness of the brand has been emphasized, also, the brand has become famous all around the globe.

Different collections with Different color tones

It is never easy to pick a cosmetic product that is perfectly suitable for use, especially when the modern makeup industry often glorifies bright skin color tones. With Fenty Beauty, no back women are left behind. Products in a highly dark color are likely to appear in a range of many categories: foundation, lipsticks, and so on, and all are utterly special.


It is also surprising that dark-tone products are used more widely these days and are liked by many women in the world.


The Fenty Beauty Products can fit all skin colors


Fenty Beauty is a giant in the fashion industry.

According to TIMES, Fenty Beauty is one of the 25 most significant inventions in 2017. Fenty Beauty has been awarded many times for its contributions to the world’s makeup field, including three prizes at Refinery 29, The Beauty Innovator Awards, and Rihanna is claimed to be the Innovator of the Year. In the awarding ceremony of the Vogue Beauty Awards, Rihanna successfully obtained 3 other prizes.

Fenty Beauty received many prizes, making it more of an attractive brand than others

Rihanna’s brand has appeared in 17 countries with more than 1600 basis, which, according to Forbes, has profited her 1,7 billion dollars.

A store of Fenty Beauty

Success makes a good reputation, Fenty Beauty is trusted by many stars and celebrities, including the Oscar Actor Viola Davis.Rihanna’s brand has appeared in 17 countries with more than 1600 basis, which, according to Forbes, has profited her 1,7 billion dollars.

Thanks to her contributions to the fashion and music industries, Rihanna has been named a Barbados National Hero in 2021.

Rihanna is the second Barbados woman to be honored as a National Hero.

Image source: Internet.