Valentina Li is a Chinese makeup artist of Chanel’s global makeup creative partner. She was one of the first three makeup artists to join the Cosmetes Collective - “a group of emerging talents shaping the future of beauty” to develop Chanel Beauty’s collections. Li’s beauty perspective links closely to her concern about love, love of nature, the universe, and life.

Li is a big fan of the sea, therefore, this project is inspired by the blue ocean with patterns like the ripples in the ocean. About 300 waste plastic bottles were collected in the sea and processed in color and shape to make this dress more ‘real’.

On Instagram, Li published her project with the caption “Drink up your water and not from a plastic bottle please” to express a message to stop using plastic for an eco-friendly environment.

“Hug the ocean” is Valentina Li’s personal project (Source: Valentina Li)
The blue transparent material is recycled bottles collected from the sea (Source: Valentina Li)

“Hug the ocean” water dress is the second personal project using 100% waste plastic bottles. Valentina Li has made fashion designs from recycled materials before - the glass gloves and handmade accessories of the ocean. Also, Li announced on her Instagram that her recycling plan is going on and to be continued.

In the last decade, recycled fashion is rising and becoming a new trend that many fashion designers and consumers around the world pay attention to, marking positive innovation in the whole fashion industry.

“The touch of future” glass gloves by Valentina Li (Source: Valentina Li)
Handmade accessories of the ocean (Source: Valentina Li)


Mia Dinh