Kien Vu (born in 2002) is a young Vietnamese designer with a passion for fashion imbued with national cultural identity. “Linh Sac” (the beauty of the supernatural creatures), his latest collection, is a testament to his unique design style.

Kien Vu is a Vietnamese designer 

To complete this collection, the young designer spent more than 2 months, specifically 1,510 hours, on 4 dresses with 4 names respectively: Long (Dragon), Ly (Unicorn), Quy (Tortoise), and Phung (Phoenix). On average, each dress takes about 377 hours to assemble and well-complete the style.

"Linh Sac" is his graduation thesis making him the fashion design valedictorian of a university in Vietnam 

Talking about the difficulties when completing the graduation project, the cost is one of the big obstacles because each dress requires meticulousness in every detail. The designer said that he had to invest hundreds of millions of dong for the publishment of “Linh Sac". Fortunately, he received a grant, which greatly reduced his economic burden.

Kien Vu and the models wearing the collection appear at his graduation fashion show. 

Talking about the early days of coming up with the idea for "Linh Sac", Kien Vu said that he had to spend most of his time in-depth research on the 4 supernatural creatures of the Nguyen Dynasty not only through books but also from experts and from his field trips to Hue.

“At the end of the trip, I hurried back home to summarize the results I collected from the field trip. After that, the first 100 sketches of "Linh Sac" were drew, I selected 16 versions and in the end, kept the 4 I liked the most", Kien Vu recounted.

The final sketch was selected from 100 ones by Kien Vu 

Sharing about his "motivational child", Kien Vu assessed that "Linh Sac" is a harmony of traditional and modern beauty, between the new and the old, creating a special and unique feature for "Linh Sac" as well as him.

“My works are colorful and conveyable a strong personality. Besides, I'm always interested in researching new shapes and details with novel cuts", Kien said about his design style.

Let's admire the "Linh Sac" collection specifically 

The "Long" dress 
The "Ly" dress 
The "Quy" dress
The "Phung" dress