The talented "jewel" of the fashion world, Haider Ackermann

In short: Haider Ackermann (March 29, 1971) is one of the most respected and praised fashion designers in the past 20 years since the launch of the first collection in 2001.

Born in Bogota Colombia, 9-month-old Haider Ackermann was adopted by a French family. Because of this, from a young age he has approached the cultural intermingling of both Europe and South America. Progressive ideas were also broadened when Ackerman used to travel with his father to many parts of the world. Traveling a lot from an early age had cultivated his experience in multiculturalism, multiple traditions, and different perspectives that Haider would later tell those stories and experiences in fashion.

In 1994, Ackermann studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp - the cradle breeding many famous fashion designers. At that time, the works of Yves Saint Laurent were the inspiration that always motivated him. Later, it was also the influence of this brilliant designer that he was jokingly called "the new generation Yves Saint Laurent".

Talented "jewel" of the fashion world - Haider Ackermann.


The journey to create and pursue “individualism”

Renowned as a perfectionist, Haider used to be expelled from school in 1997 for not completing any of his assignments. Simply because he wanted fashion products, even projects must follow exactly the standards he set. Therefore, Ackermann did not want to be controlled by any mentor, teacher or force.

In 1998, Haider began a five-month internship with John Galliano at Dior. He built his portfolio over the next few years when he was exposed to a number of eminent designers such as Martin Margiela and worked for various agencies including Bernhard Willhelm, Patrick Van Ommeslaeghe, Mayerline…

In 2001, Haider launched her first collection at Paris fashion week and received many positive compliments.

After launching his eponymous brand in 2002, he received the Swiss Textiles Award, the Fashion Group International Award for Design and was rated as a "rare hope of the future". Thereby, the world has come to know a designer who possesses the master folding technique.

Moving to Paris in 2005, where he built and developed his studio and was fortunate to be financially supported by a Belgian consortium - BVBA 32. Understanding Haider Ackermann's unique personality and fashion path, in 2013, this group separated his brand into a single organization for development. There, Haider freely expressed his clothing language.

Talented designers "shaped" a new generation of fashion

In an interview with Polimoda, Hairder shared that: “Fashion is essential. Fashion is culture and culture is essential. It leads to a dream and keeps dreaming.”

Referring to Haider, people often remember the complexity but consistency, and the romance in the design language. His finished products bring the luxury, sophistication, mystery but is not imbued with the old haute couture styles. Just modern enough to be applicable in today's life.

People love Haider Ackermann's fashion mostly because of the "good" things in the products that he brings.


With all the countries that Haider Ackermann has been to, he always wants to "translate" it in his designs. He clearly grasps the essence of the high-class to low-class clothes. Besides, Haider pays great respect to gender, but at the same time he believes that fashion can also be genderless. This has helped his clothes "shape" a new generation of fashion.

Color also plays a very important role in Haider's designs. In designing and using colors, he describes himself as a reserved person. Despite not being the most attractive, he will always be the one to have a diverse color palette.

No wonder Haider Ackermann is widely embraced by fashion critics. Even Karl Lagerfeld - the legend of Chanel, of Fendi, who is famous for being extremely a meticulous perfectionist, once said that he believed Haider will be a "worthy successor" to his position at Chanel. This is a rare compliment for one of the talented designers of the fashion industry.

Outfits inspired by the contrast between classic elegance and contemporary street style of Haider that are favored by many stars.

Throughout two decades since his first collection in 2002, Haider Ackermann still confidently believes in his path: an independent man with no turbulence, no advertisement, no ambassadors,...He safeguards his language fashion, his vision and his private life. Such is “a ghost of contemporary fashion”.


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