Recently, Peter Do has been appointed to the Creative Director position of Helmut Lang, a luxury fashion brand established by an Austrian designer in 1986.

Peter Do became Helmut Lang’s Creative Director (Image: Peter Do)

Peter Do graduated from FIT Fashion Academy in New York in 2018, he started his career by building up Peter Do brand which was the same as his name. His products are filled with luxury, elegance, and modernity regardless of minimalist style with two main color tones black and white.

One special thing about the fashion designer,  he usually covers his face in front of people. Giving an explanation about his mysterious manner, Peter Do said he attributes great importance to his privacy and only wants people to get to know him through working instead of the fame of a fashion designer.

Peter Do is going to be the supervisor of the whole Helmut Lang Male and Female collections. The brand’s upcoming collection for the Summer-Spring season, which is the first work at the brand of Peter Do, will be introduced in New York Fashion Week this September.

The fashion designer, Peter Do, usually hides his face (Image: Peter Do)

The Director of Helmut Lang, Dinesh Tandon expresses his excitement with the participation of Peter Do in the management team of the brand. He also appreciates his creativity as well.
“His direct and unique design language matches the brand’s characteristics and legacies. Peter’s experience with luxury fashion brands and his brand makes him the perfect choice for this role”, Helmut Lang’s Director once said.

Peter Do and his collection (Image: Peter Do)

Helmut Lang, a mysterious brand name, gave up on fashion show events in the 90s to focus on small shows. In 2004, the brand name merged with Prada. In 2006, Link Theory (a Japanese brand) purchased Prada’s brand name and re-launched the brand in 2007.

Ready-to-wear design in Helmut Lang Fashion Show in 2000.

Expectations about what new experiences Peter Do will bring about for the brand in this coming September’s collection are being awaited by either domestic or international fans.