Japanese girl Coco Hamamatsu started becoming famous on the internet around 2017 when she was just 6 years old. At that time, Coco Hamamatsu was also evaluated by Vogue, the world-famous fashion magazine, as having a fashion style not inferior to any older fashionistas.

Currently, Coco Hamamatsu has more than 500k followers on her personal Instagram. Thanks to such a rare fashion style, Coco collaborated with Gucci at the age of 6. In addition, this child fashionista has also cooperated with other high-end fashion brands such as Fendi, Burberry…

Coco has cooperated with many big international brands (Source: @coco_pinkprincess)

Coco was born in Fukushima, Japan. After an earthquake, her family moved to Tokyo. Misato Hamamatsu, Coco's mother, shared that the family runs a clothing store in Harajuku Street, a fashion district that specializes in clothing and accessories of Punk, Gothic Lolita, and Hip-hop,...

This makes the little fashionista greatly influenced by the fashion style of this street. Coco doesn't follow cute trends with Disney-princess-style dresses or Hello Kitty prints like her peers, but she tends to choose items that look somewhat rebellious. For example, the Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt, Mom's Hawaiian shirt, or the famous IKEA bag,...

Coco is influenced by the fashion of the street she is living (Source: @coco_pinkprincess)

Coco's talent for fashion was revealed early on. At the age of 3, Coco became interested in shopping and fashion. Coco said her favorite thing is choosing clothes and is happy to have so many new followers on Instagram. 

The clothes Coco wears are all chosen and dressed up by herself (Source: @coco_pinkprincess)

The everyday clothes are all chosen by herself and put together. Coco's parents stated: "Coco has been choosing her clothes since she was just a toddler and she also has an eye for fashion like a fashion genius." The brands that partnered with Coco didn't even ask her to wear the right outfit on the runway, but instead, let her mix & match her outfits.

The way of Coco dressing presents its style like no other (Source: @coco_pinkprincess)


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