The Murine Tsui Modeling Agency, based in Hong Kong, has become a prominent name in the field of model training and fashion event organization. Founded in 1994 by the renowned supermodel Murine Tsui, this agency distinguishes itself from competitors by offering a unique approach to modeling education and being led by successful models themselves.

“I believe we are unique in Hong Kong and have built up a reputation as the number one modeling school and the only one led and driven by successful models”. She affirmed

Over 30,000 students transform into successful and award-winning models

Having enjoyed a career that spanned international campaigns and garnered numerous accolades, Murine Tsui understands the significance of proper training in achieving personal modeling goals. This realization prompted her to establish a modeling academy where aspiring models can benefit from her real-life experiences and develop the confidence needed in today's highly competitive industry. 

She says: “It's perfect for aspiring models to benefit from my real life experience and most importantly for every student to build up their own personal confidence in today's hectic and highly competitive world”. 

Murine Tsui with her students (Image: Murine Tsui). 

Reflecting on her career in model training, Tsui emphasizes the satisfaction she derives from witnessing over 30,000 students transform into successful and award-winning models. Guiding timid and shy individuals to unlock their potential and become confident individuals has been a deeply rewarding experience for Tsui and her dedicated team.

Tsui firmly believes in the importance of personal experience and leading by example in model training. All of the agency's modeling coaches are accomplished models themselves, capable of passing on their invaluable experiences and techniques to the students they mentor.

One of Tsui's proudest achievements is witnessing her students win multiple international awards in recent events held in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Observing the fruits of their labor and witnessing their remarkable achievements serves as a testament to the agency's commitment to nurturing talent.

When asked about the possibility of creating a reality TV show to reach a wider audience, Tsui expressed her agency's openness to exploring collaborations in the realm of reality TV and Asian partnerships. While the agency has already hosted various modeling competitions, they are continuously seeking new opportunities to engage with audiences. An upcoming highlight is the Asia's Supermodel Competition, set to take place at the Airport Expo, promising to be a grand event on par with a Blackpink concert.

Collaborations with renowned fashion brands

Collaborations with renowned fashion brands like Gucci, Dior, Fendi, and Burberry have become highlights for the agency. With upcoming events in Tokyo featuring Dior and Burberry, as well as collaborations with Gucci, Fendi, and Burberry in Hong Kong, the agency is thrilled to work with these industry giants and provide career-defining opportunities for their models. 

When asked about the collaboration with luxury brands in the coming period, she says: “All fashion houses have their own unique style and we need to ensure that we promote the right models who compliment their values. It is an exciting and an ever evolving process to successfully collaborate with different brands, always looking at new and unique angles to go the extra mile”.

Murine Tsui at Global Fashion Week 2023 (Image: Murine Tsui)

Regarding the Vietnamese modeling and fashion market, Tsui expresses optimism and excitement. Recognizing the growth and embrace of international and local fashion brands in Vietnam, the agency is committed to promoting and nurturing Vietnamese talent while also expanding its international reach. 

She shared “We see a bright future ahead for everyone involved in the industry. We will set up our branch office in Macau next year. maybe we can cooperate with you guys set up a branch office in Vietnam but your side need to find the investor cause we only in charge for teaching”.

With a bright future ahead, the agency is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of fashion and modeling, shaping the success of aspiring models and fashion events for years to come.

Oliver Tong