The organisers of Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2023 have officially announced the 4 media representatives for this year's fashion week: Nguyen Gia Bao, Nguyen Duc Phong Thien, Le Hoang Bao Tram, and Tran Phuong Thuy.

 Nguyen Gia Bao, Nguyen Duc Phong Thien, Le Hoang Bao Tram, and Tran Phuong Thuy.

Nguyen Gia Bao: 

Nguyen Gia Bao Gia Bao is a child model regularly chosen for many fashion shows, such as the Vietnamese Kids Supermodel Competition, Thailand Fashion Week, and has held important positions like vedette and first face. Additionally, she has appeared as a familiar guest on numerous television programs in the country.

Child model Gia Bao confidently struts on the fashion runway. (Photo: Organisers' provided photo) 

Having been exposed to artistic activities from a young age, Gia Bao has achieved notable accomplishments, including winning first prize for contemporary folk dance at the "Search for Children's Artistic Talent" festival in Yen Bai province in 2022 and becoming the champion of the Vietnam Children's Áo Dài Ambassador 2022 competition.

Recently, Gia Bao has officially become the representative image of Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week Season 3. As such, she will be opening this series of fashion shows and participating in accompanying activities to spread the meaningful message of the program. 

Nguyen Duc Phong Thien

Phong Thien is a familiar face in the Vietnamese children's fashion industry, having made an impression on significant runways such as Vietnam International Fashion Week 2022, Luxury Brand Global Fashion Week, and 2 seasons of Thailand Fashion Week.

Phong Thien captures the essence while performing. (Photo: Organisers' provided photo) 

Additionally, he has also appeared as a singer, actor, and MC. In the first season of the So You Think You Can Model 2022 competition, Phong Thien surpassed over 200 participants to become the winner. At this year's Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week, Phong Thien and other image representatives will have an impressive opening performance and serve as the program's representative image. 

Le Hoang Bao Tram 

Bao Tram is a child model sought after by many fashion houses due to her robust Asian features and confident and impeccable demeanour whenever she appears.

Bao Tram always exudes allure on every catwalk. (Photo: Organisers' provided photo) 

Despite being only 9 years old, she has achieved remarkable accomplishments. She has participated in major fashion shows such as the Vietnamese Kids Supermodel Competition and earned prestigious awards in art competitions. Honoured to become the image representative of Vietnam International Fashion Week 2023, Le Hoang Bao Tram will contribute to spreading positive and beautiful values in line with the program's mission.

Tran Phuong Thuy

Alongside Nguyen Gia Bao, Nguyen Duc Phong Thien, and Le Hoang Bao Tram, Phuong Thuy will be the opening act for this year's Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week. No longer an unfamiliar name in the fashion industry, she is known for her various transformations in various styles, showcasing her unique personality that captivates renowned fashion creators. Therefore, Phuong Thuy has appeared in important positions like first face and vedette and won the highest award in Let's Walk Season 3. These factors led the organisers of the Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2023 to entrust her with the representative image responsibility.

Child model Phuong Thuy possesses versatile styling abilities. (Photo: Organisers' provided photo) 

Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week is an annual program organised by Voyage Group in collaboration with the high-end international fashion brand Đắc Ngọc Designer House and the Vietnam Star Academy. Following the success of 2018 and 2019, Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week Season 3 returns with the theme "Fashion Journey and Cultural Promotion".

Inspired by the convergence of traditional ethnic and cultural colours with a modern touch from the most splendid fashion capitals worldwide, the event honours unlimited creativity, igniting new inspiration in the designs and tailoring of traditional fashion. In addition to updating trends, this year's fashion week brings a fresh perspective on Vietnamese children's fashion to the international audience. It is a journey to preserve traditional values and promote cultural heritage to the global public.

Jue Dinh