The Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week is an annual event organised by Voyage Group in collaboration with the high-end international fashion brand Đắc Ngọc Designer House and the Vietnam Star Academy. 

After two seasons, Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2023, themed "Fashion and Cultural Promotion Journey", promises to bring not only the Vietnamese audience but also international friends closer to Vietnamese culture and children's fashion. "The S Journey Vietnam" is a collection created by Dac Ngoc Designer House and will open the Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week.

The collection draws inspiration from famous landmarks, showcasing the distinctive cultural features of several provinces and cities in Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, Da Nang, Nam Dinh, and more. To convey the collection's entire message, the fashion week organisers have selected outstanding models suitable for the spirit of each province. 

Thai Binh - Nguyen Hoang Nhat Linh 

6-year-old child model Nguyen Hoang Nhat Linh will showcase the costume collection "Thai Binh," named after a province in northern Vietnam.

Child model Nhat Linh in a photo inspired by the mountainous culture of Vietnam (Photo: Organizing Committee). 

Nhat Linh is one of the rising stars in the child modelling industry and has regularly participated in fashion shows by renowned Vietnamese designers. 

Vinh Phuc - Le Ngoc Bao Cham 

Child model Le Ngoc Bao Cham will showcase the "Vinh Phuc" collection, named after the model's hometown. Bao Cham has attracted attention in the child modeling industry with a photo shoot during the Lunar New Year. In this photo series, Bao Cham wore a design from the "Tram" collection by designer Dac Ngoc. 

Child model Le Ngoc Bao Cham in the costume from the "Tram" collection (Photo: Organizing Committee). 

Phu Tho - Han Kim Ngan 

Child model Han Kim Ngan, born in 2018, will be the next face to join the "S Journey Vietnam" collection by showcasing the costume collection "Phu Tho," named after a province in northern Vietnam.

Child model, Han Kim Ngan performing at the Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week Season 3 announcement ceremony (Photo: Organizing Committee). 

Despite only 6 years old, child model Kim Ngan has walked the runway in various events such as the Christmas party and the Japan Kanagawa festival in Hanoi 2022. Kim Ngan has also earned the title of "Queens" at the Eduplay Garden School in Hanoi. 

Yen Bai - Quach Ngoc Anh 

The costume collection "Yen Bai," named after a province in the mountainous region of Vietnam, will be showcased by child model Quach Ngoc Anh. Like other talented models participating in the "S Journey Vietnam" collection, Ngoc Anh is a familiar face in many famous fashion shows. Especially at the beginning of 2023, Ngoc Anh was selected as the first face at the Stella Fashion Show, presenting the "Inspiration from Vietnamese Culture" collection by designer Dac Ngoc.Quach Ngoc Anh was also awarded the Talent Child Model of the Vietnam International Kids Star Award at the Stella Fashion Show.

Quach Ngoc Anh showcasing the "Inspiration from Vietnamese Culture" collection by designer Đắc Ngọc at Stella Fashion Show (Photo: Organizing Committee). 

In addition to the mentioned models, the "S Journey" Vietnam collection also features the participation of many other talented child models such as Chipu Bao Anh (showcasing the costume collection "Nam Dinh"), Bui Hoang Bao Khanh (showcasing the costume collection "Hoa Binh"), Candy Cat Tuong (showcasing the costume collection "Da Nang"), Hoang Gia Han (showcasing the costume collection "Thanh Hoa"), and more.



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