Incubating a love for modeling since a very young age 


Soon nurturing a passion for performing on lavish stages through the TV screen, Ruby Bao My chose to pursue this promising artistic path. Despite only 6 years old, this model from Thai Nguyen - the “land of the best Vietnamese tea” - has shown outstanding artistic qualities when participating in training courses. Immersing in her love for beauty, Bao My’s efforts helped her mature day by day. From a mildly shy girl when stepping on a big stage, now, Ruby Bao My has comfortably expressed her personal identity and taken on poses professionally on high-caliber stages. Upon being interviewed about this journey, this little model shared: “I want to be like my senior colleagues, comfortably putting on myself various kinds of outfits and fully convey the “spirit” that the designer sent into that collection.” 

Ruby Bao My amidst poetic artistic space

Overcoming every challenge to live with her passion

“Breaking her own cocoon” entering the artistic path, Ruby Bao My also encountered countless difficulties and challenges. While partaking in training sessions, there were times when she had to try different positions or taking photoshoots or performances at high frequencies; nevertheless, with the love for modeling, she never felt like giving up. Pushing through the hardships with her relentless effort, “the pearl lady” Bao My has continuously throbbed the public’s hearts with her professional catwalk steps and her attractive demeanor every time she shows up. She has also quickly become one of the most outstanding model kids to be entrusted with a performing opportunity by many designers.


Bao My has continuously throbbed the public’s hearts with her professional catwalk steps

Recently, before her opening performance at “Phieu Dieu”, Ruby Bao My shared with excitement: “When my mom told me I would get the opening performance, I jumped with excitement. I would like to thank the directors for giving me the chance to take charge of such a crucial position on this special stage.” 


A relentlessly effortful journey

Ruby Bao My - the “baby flower” bloomed on the stage of Phieu Dieu

Despite having ended, the impressions of the fashion show “Phieu Dieu” still remain in the public’s hearts. Sharing about his evaluations on Ruby Bao My’s performance, Mr. Dac Ngoc claimed: “Bao My as well as many other model kids here will be the most prominent and promising representatives for the Vietnamese performance industry.” This is a crucial turning point for the Thai Nguyen girl to enter her journey of conquering her modeling dream and showcase her passion for fashion. Stay tuned to support this talented little model in the future!

                                                       Karlfya | Cameron Truong