The deserving “fruit” for the little model’s effortful journey

Nguyen Dang Thuy Tram received the International Kid Stars Award 2023

Having come to the fashion runway for only a short time, Nguyen Dang Thuy Tram is one of the potential child models, constantly appearing on both small and large fashion catwalks and bringing home prestigious awards. Among them, notably the International Kids Star Award 2023 - the “Most Popular Model Kid” category - is an award reviewed and awarded by MGI Magazine, Alicio Thailand and LBMA Global Academy. This is such a “fruitful” achievement that is worthy of Thuy Tram's dedication on the journey to become one of the stable hyphens bringing Vietnamese children's fashion closer to friends all over the world.

Nguyen Dang Thuy Tram - the "golden face" of many big stages

Nguyen Dang Thuy Tram - the "golden face" of many big stages

Growing up in the Hanoi capital with more than a thousand years of civilization with a passion having been nurtured since her childhood, since her attending the training class of Mrs. Xuan Lan, Thuy Tram potentially showed her qualities. To be able to stand firmly in the Vietnamese model village, this Hanoi muse has learned so hard to hone her performance skills and has actively sought for opportunities to try. Always appearing with a charm and full of personality, young model Nguyen Dang Thuy Tram has been named for such important positions like vedette, first face at catwalks such as Metro Ball Fashion Show (Philippines), Vietnam International Fashion Week, Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week, Vietnam Kids Fashion Week, Miracle Dreams and The Fairy Garden - Ó Princess Fashion Show, Hai Phong Junior Fashion Week, etc. The flexible and professional catwalk steps of this young model have successfully attracted a wide range of audience, creating a media "fever" on both national and international shows. Moreover, Thuy Tram is also trusted to become the ambassador of many famous brands such as Cherry An by Design 2021-2022, etc. and bring home many other excellent awards such as Top 42 IKIDS 2019, Top 100 Kids Model Vietnam 2017, etc.


Nguyen Dang Thuy Tram in "Bong Benh" collection

Impressive talent and a warm heart

Not only showing her maturity in performance, behind the spotlight, Thuy Tram also shows the poise of the "oldest sister" who always cares and encourages other young models before their “shining time”. In addition to her admirable achievements in the field of art, in school, Thuy Tram is also an ideal role model for other kids with impressive academic achievements and dynamism in extracurricular activities such as participating in the 6th Ban Mai Youth Computer Science Contest 2019...

These will be important foundations for the journey to reach success of this "promising sprout", let’s stay tuned and support Thuy Tram to see what this talented girl will bring to the fashion stage in the future!

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