After two seasons, the Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2023, with the theme “Fashion and Cultural Promotion Journey”, promises to bring the Vietnamese public and international friends closer to the culture and children's fashion in Vietnam.

"The S Journey Vietnam" is a collection created by Dac Ngoc Designer House and will open the Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week. The collection draws inspiration from famous landmarks, showcasing the distinctive cultural features of several provinces and cities in Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, Da Nang, Nam Dinh, and more.
To convey the collection's entire message, the fashion week organisers have found outstanding faces that match the spirit of each province.

Nam Dinh - Trinh Ngoc Bao Anh (Chipu Bao Anh) 

Trinh Ngoc Bao Anh, a child model born in 2015, will participate in showcasing the "The S Journey Vietnam" collection with the costume representing Nam Dinh, a province in Northern Vietnam.

Chipu Bao Anh participates in numerouse professional fashion (Image: Organiser). 

Bao Anh has been involved in the modeling industry at a young age and has participated in numerous professional fashion shows in Vietnam, such as Color World 2020, The Quarter Fashion Show 2022, Hello Summer 2022, VTC's Spring Dream Program 2023, Spring Concert 2023, and more. Moreover, as a child passionate about the arts, this 8-year-old model won a Bronze Medal at the 2022 Hanoi Piano Festival.

Da Nang - Ngo Cat Tuong 

Ngo Cat Tuong, a 10-year-old child model, is the next bright face to showcase the "Da Nang" costume, representing a province in Central Vietnam, also her hometown.

The kid model Cat Tuong to showcase "Da nang" custome (Image: Organiser). 

Cat Tuong's modeling talent has been nurtured since she was young, thanks to her innate talent. She was the brand ambassador for the Vietstar Academy in 2022. She was also recognised as one of the top 50 internationally recognised talented young individuals in 2022.

Thanh Hoa - Hoang Gia Han 
The costume named after a province in Central Vietnam, "Thanh Hoa", will be showcased by child model Hoang Gia Han.

Gia Han is a fresh face of modeling field (Image: Organiser). 

With an ardent passion for modeling, this 7-year-old girl is a fresh face with dreams of shining on famous fashion runways. Gia Han draws inspiration from her mother and strives every day to achieve her goals and capture the beautiful moments of her childhood.

Hoa Binh -  Bui Hoang Bao Khanh 
Bui Hoang Bao Khanh, an 8-year-old child model, will walk the runway in the 'Hoa Binh' costume, representing her homeland, Hoa Binh province, at Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week this year.

8-year-old child model Bui Hoang Bao Khanh (Image: Organiser).

Her passion for modeling originated from her desire to develop herself and walk on prestigious runways. In addition, since the age of 3, Bao Khanh has been exposed to various artistic activities and has achieved numerous awards in different fields, such as piano and painting, including the Gold Medal at the 2022 Musical Land Piano Competition in Hai Phong, Second Prize in the city-level primary school painting competition, and Third Prize at the City Hoa Binh Young Singers Festival."