Following the success of the first three seasons, Vietnam International Children's Fashion Week season 4 2024 returned to create breakthroughs, creativity and professional level on the basis of the available values of Vietnamese fashion in particular and international in general. Vietnam International Children's Fashion Week season 4 is a colorful and vibrant picture by the presence of 30 designers/ brands from countries around the world, more than 500 models, 4,000 guests and attracting 100,000 people to participate in companion activities. The announcement of VIJFW 2024 with the participation of 600 guests is a long-awaited event.

Official poster image of VIJFW 2024 Announcement CeremonOfficial poster image of VIJFW 2024 Announcement Ceremony.

This year, the Announcement Ceremony of Vietnam International Children's Fashion Week will be held on January 1, 2024 in Hanoi. The show is held on a monumental scale, the stage is modeled on the theme of "Timeline" with fashion materials inspired by capitals around the world as well as the typical culture of Vietnam…

In particular, there were also collections of domestic and international fashion brands. The model faces that the designers "try before you trust" were gradually revealed. Cu Nguyen Bao Tran is a name that received very high appreciation and took the position of Vedette at this show.

Bao Tran is currently in class 4A1 at Phenikaa Primary School.

The Muong ethnic girl was born and raised in Hanoi. Bao Tran is currently in grade 4A1 at Phenikaa Primary School. Bao Tran refers to a face with a different style in today's young model village. Possessing the beauty of mixing Asian beauty and modern personality, Bao Tran can easily "transform" into many styles. It is suitable for many soft, dreamy concepts as well as personalities, dynamic and can also "balance" bold and unique style.

Bao Tran always has strong love and passion.

There was always love, intense passion, she said: "I have a great love for modern dance, child modeling and acting. I really enjoy meeting, chatting, making new friends when I work, filming Tiktok videos and most of all, wearing beautiful costumes” In a professional, young and dynamic working environment. Bao Tran always maintains a professional working style and also does not forget to express himself when constantly "rolling" with the modeling profession to learn new skills and knowledge.

Bao Tran always maintains a professional working demeanor.

Thanks to her outstanding style and confident demeanor, Bao Tran regularly takes on important roles in shows such as "First Face", "Vedette". The young model has participated in many great fashion shows including: Limited show, Thanks Party, Miss Southeast Asia Business Woman 2023, Vietnamese Flame, Freeze show, Autumn's Story 2022 Fashion show, The face kids; Special Party show, Child Superstar Fashion Week 2023, Candy show, Hanoi Autumn Festival, Cherry An Fashion show... 

The young model participates in many great fashion shows.

Thanks to her demand and continuous learning, Bao Tran has won many prestigious awards such as "Ikids 2023 Style". PHOTOGENIC CANDIDAT award of face OF Vietnam program. At the same time, the child supermodel is also one of the main representatives of Vietnam to participate in the Face of Asia program in Korea in November 2023.

Let's wait for the appearance and support of Ms. Bao Tran at the VIJFW 2024 Announcement Ceremony on January 1, 2024 in Hanoi Capital. 

John Hoan | Chloe Linh