Barbiecore is a trend that takes inspiration from Barbie doll’s fashion. This trend stands out with the use of pink as the main color for the outfit combined with the colorful jewelry made from pearls and shells. That symbolizes sweetness, charm, and delicateness, becoming a role model for women.

Kim Culmone, head of Barbie & Fashion Dolls design has said: “Barbie's signature look and its association with pink have been the main inspiration for countless fashion brands, celebrities, and beauty professionals”.

Barbiecore is a fashion trend inspired by the famous Barbie doll (Cre: Mattel)

More than cosplaying Barbie dolls, this trend is the voice of fair sex about femininity, sweetness, and the power of soft power. Barbiecore spreads the message of successful, confident, liberal women who can fully receive benefits and fairness from society.

Reality show star Paris Hilton love using the Barbiecore style as a way to help spread the message of feminism (Cre: parishilton)


Summer 2023 is bringing the "fever" called Barbiecore into fashion catwalks, international magazines, stages, entertainment industry events or even movies. A typical example is the upcoming live-action movie “Barbie: The Movie” starring Margot Robbie. It is known that this is the first movie about Barbie dolls played by real people, while the previous films were all animated. The film is receiving a response from lovers of the Barbiecore style. 

 Margot Robbie dressing in Barbiecore-style outfits in “Barbie: The Movie” (Cre: margotrobbieofficial)


Barbiecore is likened to a cross between fashion aesthetic styles such as Surf Crush, Equestrian, Fairycore, and Princesscore. Beyond the scope of a toy, the Barbicore style is favored for its high applicability in life.

Model Emily Ratajkowski blows a new wind to office fashion on sunny summer days with a Barbiecore mix of shirts, palazzo pants, and matching pointed-toe shoes. (Cre: emily_ratajkowski_official)
The multi-layered baby doll dress is one of the most influential Barbiecore designs (Cre: kendalljenner)

To pursue Barbiecore style, fashionistas should choose pink, bright, glittery, and girly items. In particular, in terms of color, you can prioritize colors such as green, purple, orange, ... or pastel tones to increase the cuteness of your outfit. In addition, short dresses like mini dresses are also a typical choice of this style.

The mini dress with a tight design to accentuate the small waist, and with a moderate length to help create the long legs "effect" for girls is one of Barbiecore's characteristics.

The Barbie doll was first released in 1959, produced by the American company Mattel. What makes Barbie dolls different from other dolls of the same time is the body simulates a real girl. 



Content: Hanah Q; Designer: Moony