First appearing as a highlight on the shoes of the 17th-century British elite to decorate and represent high socioeconomic status, rosettes are now making their way back and have popped up on everything from dresses and chokers to button-down shirts, bodysuits, and even one-piece swimsuits. 


Fabricated florals appear on dresses, blazers, and necklaces everywhere from Paris to New York during Spring/Summer 2023. After witnessing the evolution of trends during the Fall/Summer shows in The recent Winter 2023, it can be said that romantic rosettes are holding their own for the time being—which is very interesting.

In addition to the runway, this accessory has also appeared in the past few months. The trend was spotted on Zendaya, who wore a pink Valentino dress with layered roses at the SAG Awards. Two weeks later, at the Oscars, actresses Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman basked in glamor as their rose gowns shone on the red carpet. 

Hailee Steinfeld in the Rosette Choker
Jennie in vintage Chanel 
Daisy Edgar-Jones in Gucci

The rosettes also took over the 2023 Met Gala carpet. While some celebs turned out dripping in crystals and hair bows, many were also spotted sporting rosettes decorating their couture gowns.

Hailey Bieber's Saint Laurent Oscar Look 


One thing you can easily notice while scrolling your feed on Instagram is that many celebrities and influencers really leaned into this 2023 trend.

Sarah Jessica Parker not missing the trend 


It can be said that the resurgence of rosettes is due to the returning Y2K fashion style, as well as the emergence of aesthetic maximalists promoted by TikTok as messy and weird girls. It fits perfectly with what's going on in fashion today, a combination of micro-trends fueled by this social network, but also a wave of nostalgia for the early years of 2000 and even the 2010s.