Robert Wun - a talented Hong Kong designer has launched his debut couture show with "Scorched Bride", which was performed in his spring 2023 Paris Fashion Week show in January, “The Scorched Bride.” Graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2014, unlike his peers, this Hongkong designer didn’t ascend through Fashion East or the British Fashion Council’s NewGen scheme and had never shown his collections before. It was this choice that rekindled in Wun a feeling of wanting to go against the grains.

Robert Wun (Photo: Rian River) 

In his debut couture show, Hong Kong designer Robert Wun reflected on feminism, the flaws of the London fashion scene, and his burnt bride. In a haute couture show, beautiful sequined evening gowns will always be a familiar image. But Wun literally screwed it up. In a dark room at Place Vendôme, where he displayed a series of wedding dresses speckled with cigarette burns and peplum dresses stained with red wine. Models hobbled in broken heels, rogue shoes, and rain-encrusted umbrellas. 

Scorched Bride (Photo: Robert Wun)

“Scorched Bride”,  a distinctive double-sided satin gown with silk mesh lining, encapsulating scotch, and burned marks by using techniques of Prints, dyes, crustal, and Sun-ray Pleats. Finished with actual burnt edges. Styled with a Silk Organza Veil with incense burnt holes. 

Rawdah Mohammad in The Scorched Bride Gown at Cannes (Photo: Getty Images) 


Also in this collection, Wun has blown a new breath, creepy yet romantic, broken yet accomplished, for bridal dresses.

The Bandage Gown (Photo: Robert Wun)
The Bleeding Coat (Photo: Robert Wun)
The Ghost Bride (Photo: Robert Wun)

Although not related to the famous cartoon The Corpse Bride, many netizens have assumed that this is the real-life version of Emily's dress.