Sun-kissed Blush

Summer always witnesses intense sunshine, hot weather, and uncomfortable feelings. Sun-kissed blush brings a breath of fresh air to summer makeup by creating a rosy blush effect in the sun. Therefore, this makeup style is anticipated to be on trend throughout summer 2023. To apply this makeup tone, an earthy pink blush should be chosen to simulate the sun, and a matte cream blush to keep the makeup natural and radiant.

Sun-kissed blush makes girls confidently show their fresh beauty under the sun (Source: Jennie)

Cloud Skin

Plump skin with a soft finish will bring a healthy look to the face. It is undeniable that soft and well-moisturized skin is always attractive and makes an impression on others at first sight. Although this makeup trend boomed in 2019, the love for natural beauty has no sign of diminishing and continues to spread this summer.

Cloud skin makeup promotes natural and fresh beauty

The key factor to pursue this makeup trend is drinking enough water daily and using appropriate moisturizing cosmetics. Therefore, girls, don’t forget to take care of yourself from inner to outer for healthy skin and upcoming makeup looks. 

Colorful Eyeshadow

The combination of eye-catching colors demonstrates unlimited creativity of makeup styles, also showing the unique beauty of each person. A little color on the eyes combined with lips covered in neutral or lip gloss can make girls stand out. 

"Colorful eyeshadow" makeup appeared in the Richard Quinn brand x Fashion Week London 2023 (Source: Richard Quinn)

Icy tones

In 2022, the world witnessed a significant trend of Y2K fashion, inspired by Y2K trends on Tiktok, frosty eyeshadow makeup is on trend. This makeup style is mainly eye makeup with colorful colors such as pink, blue, or green, along with shimmer. It might be a perfect makeup tone for summer as an icy tone combined with suitable hairstyles will make girls impressive.

An icy makeup look makes the hot summer cool down (Source: LOREAL Paris)

These trending makeup styles continue to spread and are suggested for girls who want to make “changes” for themselves this summer. Lastly, it seems an interesting way for girls to express their personalities, confidence, and inner beauty through a makeup look.





Mia Dinh