The inspirational reunion of art lovers

To those who love beauty, art is not just simply by itself, it is also a method to approach and explore another world. That is the reason youngsters always seek art spaces to experience it themselves. Amidst this interesting tendency, “Point of Light” is an example that cannot go unmentioned. Born with the target of inspiring and directing young people who are interested in the fields of fashion, models, beauty queens, KOLs, influencers, singers and actors, this workshop and fashion is promised to provide the participants with a unique art playground with many fascinating contents. Coming to “Point of Light”, you will have the chance to exchange and learn from the top experts in those fields. Not just stopping there, the Organizing Committee also wishes to create a stage to update important information about latest fashion trends and art shows in Vietnam and internationally, hence helping youngsters secure their steps on their journey to conquer art. 


The participation of “golden faces” in the Vietnamese entertainment industry

The participation of “golden faces” in the Vietnamese entertainment industry

Bringing a unique art space while also professional, Workshop & Fashion Show “Point of Light” invited extraordinary representatives of the Vietnamese art field. Among those, we must mention the participation of Do Tran Khanh Ngan - Miss Globe 2017, Nguyen Bao Nhu - Miss Intercontinental Vietnam 2016, Hoang Kim Chi - Miss Fire Vietnam 2023, singer Nam Anh, singer-model Thu Cuc, catwalk expert Bi To, singer Thinh Nguyen, singer-model Khoai Vu, Vu Thai - CEO of Crystal Start Group, etc. These are all experts who are extremely active in artistic activities with many memorable experiences. Besides that, “Point of Light” also attracts the participation of over 50 models, beauty queens and kings, and supermodels nationwide.  


Come to "Point of Light” to "light up your journey”

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet supermodels, beauty queens, KOLs and speakers, to listen to inspiring stories and to have your questions about the entertainment industry “managed”. Moreover, you will have the chance to receive intriguing presents from the Organizing Committee and scholarships from Crystal Star Academy. 


Please immediately save these necessary information to not miss this special event:

Time: 15:00 - 18:00 February 4, 2024 

Location: MAN - Floor 25 - CENTEC TOWER

72 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

“Point of Light” is ready, feel free to join and shine! 

Karlfya | Cameron Truong