Cottagecore (Farmcore or Countrycore) is a fashion trend that poetically portrays and romanticizes country life. In addition to its high aesthetic value, this trend encourages people to take care of themselves by enjoying simple pleasures and appreciating what they have. Cottagecore is the costume for fashionistas who are into the rustic atmosphere of small European towns.

Cottagecore is a fashion trend romanticizing rural life (Cre: innerprincess)

In the past, this fashion trend has attracted criticism as it over-romanticized European rural life. Others state that this trend is underestimating the labor of farmers. 
But at present, the point of view has completely changed. Moreover, Cottagecore is in response as it focuses on sustainable values such as protecting the environment and animals, with the idea of humans living in harmony and peace with other animals. 

Pursuing Cottagecore fashion is also directing people to a simple lifestyle, in harmony with nature (Cre: your_ptashka)

Cottagecore is not any flashy, extravagant fashion brands, or any ephemeral trends, it is highly applicability with the look of comfort, soft and a little bit of adventure, wild and peaceful feeling from long maxi dresses, peasant blouses with long sleeves, sophisticated corsets, overalls or turtleneck sweaters, etc. combined with plaid motifs, floral and fruit patterns. 

The color palette of Cottagecore includes many natural colors, the light green of leaves and light blue of sky, natural brown tones of earth and wood, and lots of pastel colors of flowers. The colors of Cottagecore are mostly light and bright such as baby blue, baby pink, olive green, beige, pale pink, light yellow, etc. The fabrics commonly used are natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or wool.

At the same time, the signature of Cottagecore is the use of simple but highly aesthetic accessories including sedge baskets, wide-brimmed sedge hats, turban scarves, large ribbon bows, etc.

Long floral maxi dress is one of the most popular Cottagecore items (Cre:
The peasant blouse with long sleeves is an indispensable item for girls who pursue the classic Cottagecore style (Cre: sora_pppp)
Cottagecore fashion in nomadic style with overalls design with brown colors of earth and wood (Cre: weylie)
Taylor Swift with the image of "Princess of Country" is a pang of nostalgia during the early years of her career (Cre: taylorswift)
The sedge basket, wide-brimmed sedge hat, turban scarves, large ribbon bow, ... are indispensable accessories of the Cottagecore style (Cre: littlewomenatelier)


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