Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc, Miss Intercontinental 2022, lately published an Ariel costume album, the main character in "The Little Mermaid" cartoon, which was produced by Disney. After uploading the album, Bao Ngoc has received a lot of compliments from fans thanks to her beauty, make-up style, and costume delivering the movie’s spirit. 

Miss Intercontinental 2022, Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc dressed up as Ariel with the character’s signature red hair (Source: Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc).
Solid color make-up layout, along with shiny glitter beads, provides a sense of magic toward the subject. (Photo: Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc).
Miss Intercontinental 2022 expressed her excitement with this photoshoot’s theme (Photo: Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc).

“The Little Mermaid”, a cartoon launched by Disney, tells the story of a mermaid leaving the ocean and getting to the land to find her true love. The remake version of “The Little Mermaid” was officially launched last May and gained huge concerns from the audiences. Since then, the makeup trend of imitating the film characters’ styles was born and met with warm responses on social media platforms.


Jue Dinh