In 2017, Do Tran Khanh Ngan won the highest position at Miss Globe 2017 held in Albania. It is known that Khanh Ngan is the first Vietnamese representative to win this title. In addition, Miss Globe also holds 2 consecutive reigns of the Miss Tourism Vietnam 2017 and 2020 contests. Despite achieving many beauty titles both domestically and internationally, Khanh Ngan chose to stay low, not participating in many showbiz activities.

“My reign has never ended”

In 2017, you consecutively crowned the two highest positions at two beauty contests. After 6 years and looking back on your special 2017, how do you feel? 

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to fully live my youth and have memorable moments. Up to this point, I have accumulated a variety of experiences and also conquered my own dreams. Thereby, I want to spread energy and positivity to those who always love, expect and support me.

Many viewers gave you the nickname "The first two-reigns Miss in the world" when the Miss Tourism 2020 contest did not find the title holder. How do you feel about this nickname?

I think that every nickname that the audience gives me is a fortune. That is the identity, the memorable thing that I have left in the hearts of the audience who always follow and support me. Thank you so much to my audiences.

In 2020, the Miss Tourism contest did not find the winner, did you have to extend your reign?

People always think that a beauty's reign will end when that pageant finds a successor. For me, however, my reign has never ended. It becomes a journey that I always try to preserve and live responsibly with the title I achieve.

Having to perform the reign of 2 miss titles at the same time has brought you what pressures and difficulties? Do you feel overwhelmed with the workload?

It was quite difficult at first for a young girl like me, but everyone had to grow up and learn how to deal with the hardships at work. Because nothing can be achieved easily. It only gets easier when you always think positively and work hard.

Since being crowned Miss Globe in 2017, how has your life changed? Is this change in life the reason why you left the entertainment industry as well as the fashion world?

After being crowned Miss Globe in 2017, my daily life and perception have changed, not in just a short time. I take time to understand and get used to the pressure that the title brings. However, that's not why I'm away from entertainment. I have found my direction, I will take a different path to help the community and society, not spending more time asserting my position.

“Temporarily staying away from showbiz, I’m not afraid of being overshadowed”

In recent years, why haven’t you participated in many fashion and beauty activities and events?

I find that the meaning of the title of Miss Globe does not stop at exploiting the fields of commerce. Moreover, this title also carries the responsibility of contributing more and more to society and the country.

When being absent in many activities in the entertainment and beauty industry, are you afraid that the position in the hearts of the audience as well as in the world will be "overshadowed" and why do you think that?

If I were afraid, I would not have made such choices. When you choose something that's too safe, you have to accept the fact that it won't create as much attraction as the rest of the options. However, I am also quite lucky because sometimes when going out, there are still people who love, recognize and ask to take pictures with me, which is what I feel very grateful for.

During the period of "going into hiding", what plans did you make?

I believe that my personal brand is a perfect fit for community projects. Therefore, I have used it to spread and promote Vietnam's culture, people, nature and tourism by being a festival ambassador of Dak Nong provinces, “múa xoè" festival - a traditional dance of ethnic minority in Yen Bai, Vietnam and tourism festival of Ninh Binh province, Vietnam. At the same time, I also participated in the Miss Tourism World pageant. 

Many fans and the public assume that "going into hiding" is when beauty queens settle down and start a family. Based on personal experiences, what do you think about this statement?

Of course, there are reasons for the audience to have that kind of judgment. I do not see that view as negative but rather a personal choice. Each person has their own path for their future as well as their development orientations. As for me, I have chosen to focus on self-development and improving skills in other areas rather than just being known as a beauty queen.

How have you changed compared to the time when you were crowned Miss Global 2017?

My journey in the past has been an unforgettable one. When I get the opportunity to have a wide range of life experiences, I find myself more mature in terms of both consciousness and knowledge. I also understand what I should and will have to accomplish in the future.

Thank you for sharing, Khanh Ngan!


Photo: Le Thien Vien 
Stylist: Travis Nguyen
Costume: Designer Do Long, Le Thanh Hoa
Make up: Sang Nguyen 






Content: Jue Dinh, Pamela - Designer: Moony