Lance Raymundo II’s marks on his journey of art 


Born and raised in a family with artistic traditions, since his early childhood, Lance Raymundo II felt a special bloodstream flowing in his veins, so he opted to pursue this promising path. Starting his career as a singer, just after a short time, with his natural-born talent and a spirit of nonstop learning, he quickly discovered new horizons, pursuing acting and MCing in addition. 

MC Lance Raymundo II

In each different field, Lance Raymundo II always leaves special impressions. As a singer, his debut single “You are the One” got into the top 10 most listened hits in Manila. After releasing his first album, he also released some of his own EPs. Stepping into the field of acting, he has appeared in 60 movies, playing the main character in long TV series in Manila and participated in a movie series in Singapore. With his impressive way of acting, roles played by Lance Raymundo II always touch the viewers’ hearts, helping him stand among the names nominated and announced for many prestigious awards.

Setting foot on the field of MCing, Lance Raymundo II became a sensation on many forums as the first Asian MC at Miss Teen International in the last 25 years. Besides, he is also the first Filipino MC at Miss Teen Universe and Mr. & Ms. Gram International. In particular, in December last year, Lance Raymundo II was announced as the winner of the ALIW Award for Best male host of the year.


Lance Raymundo II’s marks on his journey of art 

Sublime moments through the words of MC Lance Raymundo II

Inspired by the Prince in his process of shaping his personal style, Lance Raymundo stated: “Each of us was born a distinctive being, holding a distinctive personality and color, unlike anyone else and no one lives to be another’s copy. That’s why I choose to bring my most natural qualities to the public, and they truly love it.” 

Upon sharing about his own journey, Lance Raymundo II likened it to a novel with multiple chapters, each of them leaving him with unforgettable moments. That is the sense of confusion, struggling to find himself a standing point in the first days of coming to art, the lessons about being tough and resilient against all difficulties, the stories about chances and unforgettable experiences, etc. That is also the journey of his willpower to hold on to his life after an accident in the gym, with his survival rate plummeting really low. Despite all that, whatever lesson, whatever difficulty life throws at him, with his family’s support and his own relentless effort, Lance Raymundo II pushed through and secured himself a firm spot in the entertainment industry of the Philippines - the “country of the thousand islands”.


Lance Raymond II continuing his journey with his passions 

Lying amidst the constant heartbeats of the development of entertainment media platforms, Lance Raymundo II recognized: “You, I, and all of us should open up to integrate with and learn from everyone. This Earth is large enough to give us valuable lessons, but also don’t forget to spend some time for yourself, don’t put yourself under so much pressure witnessing other people’s successes as we can still have other personalities that the public are seeking.” 

Lance Raymond II continuing his journey with his passions

Upon being interviewed about his future plans, Lance Raymundo II claimed: “Currently, I am ecstatic to become an actor, singer and international host at the same time. I will continue to learn and work in the most dedicated way to have an utterly impressive appearance in front of domestic and international audiences. I will also go to different places to tell everyone about my story, my self-acceptance, belief and determination. With all that being said, I truly hope I can contribute something to the development of society.”

Finally, Lance Raymundo II would also like to send to his audience as well as MGI Magazine’s readers the most sincere thanks for following and supporting him on all his journeys. Each of their smiles and kind words is the motivation for him to continue to make an effort and go even further in his career. Follow Lance Raymundo II to not miss the unexpected things this talented MC brings!

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